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Broken People Lyrics
We are we are broken people (we are some broken people)
Just trying to make it on our own (yet we try to make it)
We are we are broken people (we are some broken people)
And yet we are not alone (only cause of you we're not alone)

Now this ain't how it's supposed to be
Cause mom and dad really wasn't supposed to leave
But now divorce what they chose to seek
And now they see the kids every other week
And this ain't how it supposed to end
Cause when they started out they was best friends
But how it begins ain't how it ends
Sometimes that's how the story spins
What do you do now what do you say
When people drift apart and they walk away
Starting over make us all afraid
Dealing w/ remorse plus a ton of shame
But there's a cure for ya ton of pain
There's hope and healing now in his grace
And there's a place where you see his face
Where he makes beauty out our mistakes

This ain't the way the way she went and planned it
But little by little she they took it all for granted
Just another story on our little planet
A little compromise break a few commandments
So the baby's coming she starts to panic
Contemplates all her choices and then examines
All the voices trying to tell her just to take advantage
Of the fact she could abort it like it never mattered
But she struggles just to understand it
Feeling lost confused and a little damaged
She knew his life was the thing that matters
So he grows kind of like a seed that's planted
It was hard but she always managed
Even when the problems never seem to vanish
She looks at his fingers and the little hand prints
She might be broken but shes gonna manage

We are broken cause we are sinful
We are a messed up type of people
Just living in a world that's quite deceitful
But there's a way out if you let Him lead you
You see he promises to never leave you
Everything you're facing he would be through
It's blatant that we really need you
Even in our storms we can see you
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