KJ-52 - Are You Online? Lyrics

KJ-52 Lyrics

Are You Online? Lyrics
And if you don't know what to do get back online
And if you don't know the truth get back online
Now hit the button reboot get back online
Get back online get back online

When I first got the friend request
I was like now whos this who be sending this
I went online hit ya profile but then I guess
I was wild as a child w/ my senselessness
Couldn't vibe when you said I should then repent
Hit deny then relied then I sent it back
Time to time you would try but I must regret
Had you on block with all your friend attempts
You had me on top 8 saw your pics and vids
I went and walked my way like you didn't exist
I read your blogs and I'd comment on your sentences
I was wrong till I found out what you went and did
You broke my walls right down and my defensiveness
I watched it fall right now since I been convinced
Ever since you got added this has been commenced
You went and changed my status to what it's been just since

My whole life I tried to hurry through
I was hurting dude stressed out read the current mood
I didn't want to turn to you
I set the profile to private is what I learned to do this is true
Foul mouth full of attitude until I heard of you
You added me before I added you
I can't express all my gratitude you let them murder you
You went offline but came out the tomb
I ran a search then I brought ya name up
And now the whole profile changed up
Straight up you didn't care how my face looked
You invaded myspace w/ your facebook
Now I was straight shook but you was online
And now I read your word line on line
You're profile is like all mine
And every email back is always on time

Now anyplace now that I go
That if I find that I start to sync just like my iphone
Mind blown off the hook like a dial tone
In any timezone I know that I'm home
And when I roam peace flows like a river
I follow you like a tweets from a twitter
And I can see and remember and I see and consider
Now every need for me you deliver
If I could load it all to youtube
And they could see the very death right now just that you knew
How they beat you buried you bruised you
How many views on the page now would you do
Would they choose you would it make em mad
Would they ignore it like a banner ad
Or would I be just another fad
Downloaded like a torrent that you grab
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