King Tee Lyrics

King Tee Lyrics

From the Album The Ruthless Chronicles (2004) (buy at
The Ruthless Chronicles
As Life Goes By

From the Album Thy Kingdom Come (2002) (buy at
Thy Kingdom Come
Speak on It
Stay Down
Skweez Ya Ballz
The Chron
Big Boyz
Let's Make A V
Ha Game (It's Ruff)
2 G's From Compton
6 N 'na Moe'nin
Big Ballin' (Playin' 2 Win)
Where's T
Nuthin Has Changed

From the Album IV Life (1994) (buy at
IV Life
You Can't See Me
Super Nigga
3 Strikes Ya' Out
Down Ass Loc
Free Style Ghetto
Way Out There
Let's Get It On
Check The Flow

From the Album Tha Triflin' Album (1993) (buy at
Tha Triflin' Album
Drunk Tekneek
Got It Bad Y'All
On Tha Rox
Just Flauntin'
At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
King Tee's Beer Stand
We Got Tha Fat Joint
Where'sa Hoe Sat
A Hoe B-4 Tha Homie
Blow My Sox Off
Where'sa Hoe Sat (Cont.)
Triflin' Nigga
Black Togetha Again
Bus Dat Ass
Tha Great

From the Album At Your Own Risk (1990) (buy at
At Your Own Risk
At Your Own Risk
Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
On The Dance Tip
Jay Fay Dray
Take You Home
Diss You
Time To Get Out
E Get Swift
King Tee Production
Played Like A Piano

From the Album Act A Fool (1988) (buy at
Act A Fool
Act a fool
Ko Rock Stuff
The Coolest
Let's Dance
Guitar Playin'
Payback's A Mutha
Just Clowning

Other Songs:
Can This Be Real
Got It Locked (Video Edit)
I Don't Wanna Die
Ya Better Bring a Gun
You Need A Six-Pack

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