King Syze - Roll Out The Red Lyrics

King Syze Lyrics

Roll Out The Red Lyrics
Yeah...King Syze, uh!
Q-D! Army of the Pharaohs
Check it out

[Chorus 1:]
I've been, under the surface, man, but guess who's back?
King Syze, motherf*cker, on a Jon Doe track
And it's been a little bit since you heard from me
But I been havin' y'all fiendin', man, purposely

[Chorus 2: x2]
Yo, it's been a long time, I know, it ain't fair
The population waited enough, yo, I'm here
It's been a long time since I blessed the masses
The main attraction, why y'all talkin' 'bout rappin'?

[Verse 1:]
Yo, yo, yo...
Bang my shit through your headphones and get your head blown
I'm 20 for 20, with 20 ??? in the rap zone
Field goal niggaz come short, only half the stat
Detach your cap, death trap in the rappin' match
My habitat: of course, rough sports
Sometimes I'm off course, lookin' for the source
And when I stretch from a long day
Hard pay, better get out the dog's way, no delay
Don't f*ck with Syze, come on, watch how I leave a hole in your chest
Invisible to the naked eye
The doc won't know, he'll be injectin' you breath
But you'll be bleedin' 'till ain't shit but skin and skeleton left
Every test, just a path to see who's next
Just a way to measure who can stand, chest to chest
On this mic, I'm pleadin' guilty, but confessin' to death
And I'm here to take the game and you can have what's left

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2: x2]

[Verse 2:]
Watch yo back motherf*cker, King Syze the hurricane
Street gentleman with a well-deserved name
(I'm hot) I burn flame, (You not) You cold rain
Hip-hop's my first name, this rap's my last days
I spit the worst pain, the pressure will burst veins
My first reign: way before the Earth came
Your shit is phony, don't know me, go get your homies
I'm hittin' harder than Jim Tomey, and y'all niggaz don't know me
I feel like the world owes me, gimme that
I'm spittin' scriptural for Biblical cats, criminals with pitiful raps
Lyrical stats: pinnacle and critical to my map
Check it out now...nowhere I'm gonna end up, ten-hut
Goin' long and deep, f*ck drama in the streets
I'm bringin' karma on beats, palmin' the heat
Only if my life's in danger
Come on, dog, that's a no-brainer
And to this mic, man, I ain't no stranger
That's why I rearrange ya, pour straight out the f*ckin' manger

[Chorus 1: with variations]

[Chorus 2: x2]
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