King Syze - Reign Of Tyrants Lyrics

King Syze Lyrics

Reign Of Tyrants Lyrics
[Intro: Rellik]
Yeah...y'all know what it is
That Poynt Blanc, King Syze shit
That live shit

[Chorus x2: Rellik]
Never ever talk loosely
It's Killa Rellik, muthaf*ckas best salute me
Just pay respect or we catch you with a two piece, brawl to the death
Keepin', y'all in check and rep, Q-D

[Verse 1: Rellik]
It's the best in the business, you think of testin' my limits
You'll take your last breath in less than a minute
Y'all some timid, average pretenders...ain't actually contenders
I'll f*ckin' shatter you, let that be remembered
We savages, on tracks, sabotage your agenda
Try to enter in my cypher and tragically get dismembered
Let's have it! No confusion, you will suffer contusions
And that's includin' any rapper who think it's somethin' they provin'
Keep movin'! This mic is a multifunctional unit
Used to amplify the voice and leave you punctured and wounded
The truest, respect due to the Dimension of Q
It's set to take over the world in a relentless pursuit
Most definite, it's evident, competition is hesitant
MC's with any sense of content, not to contend with this
That's how they we know we're the best with fists, the penmanship
You beggin' like a bitch for the rep, to put an end to this

[Chorus x2: Equinox]
Never ever talk loosely
It's Equinox, muthaf*ckas best salute me
Just pay respect or we catch you with a two piece, brawl to the death
Keepin', y'all in check and rep, Q-D

[Verse 2: Equinox]
I'm obliteratin' rappers, I get to spittin', you bitches scatter
Magnificent data, I hit you with 'till you stiff cadavers
Quick to slash ya, get decapitated, diss the master
Anything you did, I eradicate, it didn't matter
The sickness captured in my chapters whip ya stature
Get your backup, switch your act up, or your shit'll splatter
I blast memory panels 'till my enemies handle
The penalty for rappin' is death, I'm meant to be Pharaoh
Yeah, you mentally shallow, you can't understand
In music and hand to hand, my band'll damage your clan
My grammar's like brandishin' hammers at panickin' fans
Rather than stand like the man, you'll abandon your fam
Commanders with plans, stackin' them grands to sling the industry
Aim to maim you physically, the name'll reign in infamy
Blaze your main infantry, attain his pain instantly
Plain and simp-ly, I came to claim the game convincibly

[Chorus x2: King Syze]
Never ever talk loosely
It's King Syze, muthaf*ckas best salute me
Pay respect or we catch you with a two piece, brawl to the death
Keepin', y'all in check and rep, Q-D

[Verse 3: King Syze]
I'm the offspring of Jesus
My pen breezes, it'll send seizures
And since a fetus, thoughts of a leader to be prestigious
I'm all about peace, but please don't get me upset
Five shots, six shooters...Russian roulette
Two in the frame, two in the brain, one in your neck
Two in the same, usual pain, just wanted respect
You's a child in the booth, afraid to confess
You so wide from the truth, that makes me the best
And I don't need no punchlines
I'd rather punch you in your f*ckin' spine
Talkin' shit? That'll be the last time
And now niggas wanna battle for bread
I'm a quick score, niggas couldn't cover the spread
Proposin' a toast, to meet the upmost
Supernatural cat that touch toast and buck ghosts
For the most, I'll let you tell it
If I ain't the best, it must be 'Nox and Killa Rellik

[Outro: King Syze]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
King Syze, Poynt Blanc
Showgun on the track, you know what it's hittin' for
Army of the Pharaohs, Q-Dimension, nigga
2005, Syzemology, comin' to bang y'all in the muthaf*ckin' head
Never ever talk loosely...f*ck around, end up with a two piece
Your simple words just don't move me
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