King Syze - Blitz. Inc Lyrics

King Syze Lyrics

Blitz. Inc Lyrics
[Intro: King Syze]
Blitz, Incorporated, nigga, we comin' to get y'all niggaz
Uh! Army of the Pharaohs
Check it out, yo...

[Chorus: King Syze]
Best believe, we roll up on your squad like a blitzkrieg
Better get your man, or would you rather see him bleed?
We here now, we ain't got time to wait
Make no mistake, real niggaz challenge their fate

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah...yeah this is war, cousin; I cop the hammer and kill
It's Vinnie Pazienza outta Hamburger Hill
You ramblin' still? We scramblin' still
If the beast doesn't get you, then the ambulance will
So hand me your steel...I fire iron when
I find a faggot caught in the spell of Leviathan
I keep my eye on him...'cause he a bastard
Sever the head of the gator in Lake Placid
You motherf*ckers is blind, you need glasses
I seen how the game changed, I adapted
I seen how your dame changed to my madness
I seen how your brain maimed by my axes
But you a fascist...and y'all thugs
You as genuine as a mother-in-law's hug
We the veterans that'll be sendin' y'all slugs
But we gentlemen, so tell 'em it's all love

[Verse 2: King Syze]
Yeah, yo...yo I'm demented, nigga; be prepared for what you facin'
The mind of God and Satan combined with domination
I'm the rawest, roughest, toughest thing you ever heard of
In my studio session, blessin', MC's be gettin' murdered
I'm one of a kind, puttin' one up in your f*ckin' spine
When I get to shine, believe it's through the grind
Damn right, we cocky; I feel no one can rock with us
I bless a mic religous on track, I'm spittin' ignorant
Somethin' you've never heard, dynamic with every word
Gigantic with every slur, most stagnant with every herb, yo
But more polluted, this beat's therapeutic solution
My ??? sentence rappers into execution
Death row, Syze got the best flow
Y'all lazy motherf*ckers talkin' 'bout "Leeet's blow!"
All of us; Q-D plus
Yeah, we goin' right by you like an off-duty bus, nigga


[Verse 3: Esoteric]
Aiyyo my words murder sets, I'll blitzkrieg your league like a German vet
Bull's eye, slash through your turtleneck
And bones to pick, hit two hundred and six
I'm runin' with cliques that'll hit you like a ton of bricks
Straight put you in a ditch like a mob-related death
I'll take it to your chest, make a mess of your flesh
My paragraphs breed hate
I was sent to Heaven, resurrected with a clean slate, now I sleep late
Men in each state dead from this
The Esoterrorist, a real motherf*cker like Oedipus
Your patheticness is motherf*ckers touch the mic and die
Guilty is the plea, King Syze the co-D
They won't let us go free...Bloodthirsty killers
Psychological thriller, beatin' my chest like gorillas
We got the city on smash, y'all pity's just trash
While you small-timers finishin' last

[Chorus x2]
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