Kingpin Skinny Pimp Lyrics

Kingpin Skinny Pimp Lyrics

From the Album Still Pimpin And Hustlin (2002) (buy at
Still Pimpin And Hustlin
TV's (24's & Wang)

From the Album 2000 Rapdope Game (1999) (buy at
2000 Rapdope Game
2000 Rapdope Game (48 Hrz To Respond)
Down 4 War (Pac & Biggie)

From the Album The New Beginning (1998) (buy at
The New Beginning
Break Yaself
Big Ballin

From the Album King Of Da Playaz Ball (1996) (buy at
King Of Da Playaz Ball
Midnight Hoes
Long Story
All About Them Prophets

Other Songs:
Another Riot
Lookin' For Da Chewin'
Tha Classic

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