Kid Cudi - The End Lyrics

Kid Cudi Lyrics

The End Lyrics
(feat. GLC, Chip tha Ripper, Nicole Wray)

[Nicole Wray - Chorus]
I'd never do it again
Do it again
I'd never do it again
Cuz this is the end
This is the end
This is the end
I'd never do it again (hey)
Do it again (hey)
I'd never do it again (hey)
Cuz this is the end

My brother told me a long time ago
Don't focus where you been, focus where you trying to go!
I swear the game make you cold like obonimal
Snow man old man when you trying to shine like gold
When its my time to blow partner Imma know
In the mist getting dough I was here with highs and low
My Melo tried to play me like my f*cking eyes was closed
Now I'm sittin here wishing that my guys didn't know
They love a G, so they despise a soul
What they gon' do to him, beyond my control
When the reaper calls, its your time to go
Never play a nigga when you see that he is tying to grow
Candy blocker when he knocked out (?)
Empty chamber so I'm watching every angle
Under the moonlight with he devil octangle
Church on the move like jesus in the manger
Better control the money, its better to control the anger
So now I watch a friend the way I watch a stranger


[Chip Tha Ripper]
Chilling rolling up something to change my felling
Thinkin about how I came up from nothing while I'm
Splitting this cigarillo, phone rings I get a call
One of my dogs tripping hard talkin about really killin them all
I say slow down, slow down
What the f*ck you mean nigga
Just ran to your crib and popped your daughter in the spleen
I'll be there in 20 minutes but it only took fifteen
We wasn't that tight but cool enough for me to hit the scene
No knowing that this was all a set up
Secretly they want me wet up
Jealous of my future cheddar, however
They passes move was to slow for me
I pulled up, wasn't no ambulance, there wasn't no police
Something fishy going on, not even kept pressing on
Nine gripped thinking the killer could still be on the lawn
Opened the front door they shot, I shot, some abrupt shit
The nigga with something to lose almost lost it, wont trust him again


[Kid Cudi]
Cheese came through at 3
Salute at ease he supplied the weed
Cuz I've been that OD'ed
Its me with a black rockstar steed
Will rock tee's, 300 a pop for these
Please bum me, you don't owe you money
They ignite got flipped I got blow for a grip
Sipping on a heinie (heineken) with my jamie boo besides me
Thats my f*cking best friend
When I be tweaking she be calming a brother
Like the touch from a mother
I am so damn comfortable I never want to leave it
The feeling is something like a spiritual healer
That could end me, I think that's the part I find intriguing
A little bit off I am, I am, I am
I see that I'm caught I am, I am, I am
It's something like a spiritual healer that could end me
I think thats the part I find intriguing, I'm fiending

[Nicole Wray]
I'll never do it again
Do it again.
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