Kid Cudi - That Girl Lyrics

Kid Cudi Lyrics

That Girl Lyrics
Hey, Hey, Hey girl,
Fine, as she wanna be, that girl,
Gentle, as she wanna be, that girl,
When I sleep at night, I think about that girl,
Where she comes from,
She's beautiful, that girl.

That girl, that girl..

In my mind, I see her, (my dream girl)
In my mind, I meet her, (my dream girl)
Then, we dance, we dance, I wanna keep her (my dream girl)
Hey, Hey, that girl.

Hey, oh, oh..
Hey, oh, oh..

That girl, nice girl,
I leave home to see you, girl,
Remember when I crept through the window (x3)
Remember when I snuck in your bedroom (x3)
That girl, that girl
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