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Spontaneously Combust Lyrics
I'm rolled up in this bitch yeah, yeah
I'm doing right in the back of [?]
Let's go!

With the sickers it don't matter the sayin we spit game
[?] in the front nine I froze cut my bay [?] full of my [?]
Till [?] start and in the shit year the lyric would be apart
The [?] her them boy here is the one
Nigga born for rap [?] the son
And if I could be a [?] like many who flowing strong
Hitting you bitches up all I [?] ripping and tongues
And [?] consistent when I'll be spitting
Lyrically I'm a mat remember when I'm a [?]
And you nigga still getting the point
Y'all all forces as soon as you [?] you stuck in and get the [?]
Pay the cross to be the boss pay my payments and [?]
Plus in the cabs I start making the [?]
I'll be [?] no quick get ready

[Hook: x2]
I spontaneously combust another rappers with rush
Niggas say I got a problem while I out too much dude
You know your niggas stay harder than [?]
But the rappers [?] on the back

Speak on the level clap bitches [?] the medal
Lyrical rhythm jump in the [?] I'm out of [?]
I ain't [?] now so I'm a stand the ground the best [?] till I found
Stick with it like a [?] is all [?]
And listen nigga to spit it and they ain't [?]
Sitting with niggas can split it as though as can split
Burn as get [?] is carrying the clips
Can't stop the jeans in my [?] I'm [?] niggas they don't understand
Hard to tell em, niggas I know around the block
All fellows we start with my boys
Top flow off the melons see the man we bare in the street
Rules you fools gotta be [?] by the pool
Gotta make A figures gotta keep myself stupid with the marvelous jewels

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