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Shed A Little Light Lyrics
Cudi, yeah! Oh
Yeah! Is Cudi!
Welcome in the morning same [?] same [?]
Wishing up the rich life
I roll when I [?]
Not knowing what the life or the day brings
[?] the light shines bright when I can't see!
If I do what I do to get through
Then that's what I'm a do!
Pure focus when I [?]
Having [?] for some time now
But won't necessary lead me, I'm [?]
Stuck in my wings, hope that better days come through crack
Everything same thing, eat, sleep, shit, bath, shaking all my [?]
[?] rapping the only thing cool, my mood.
Should [?]
Living my life, better days [?]
The dry wall pillar, metaphors for my feelings
Yeah, [?] a new life, no more drug dealing!

[Chorus: x2]
Let me shed a little light for my niggers in the dark
Let me shed a new life for my niggers,
On my niggers on the day when they grind
Trying to live their dreams, just trying to get the scream!

When I was younger I told myself I wouldn't smoke
That was the biggest joke
I'm addicted to this sport like is pure coke
I'm selling this journey out with no [?]
[?] I wanna go, nigger all I really know is that I make a move
You know I'm truly something
[?] getting older and I care about nothing
All I need is a [?] and that was my sixth [?]
I grind with six sense, but I spend six years of rap
I'm hungry, Chris, just make it happened
[?] picture this
Two bare rooms of [?]
Finally [?] to repair and the living room wasn't right
Let em share a little light, I'm a crawl at the [?]
I'm a grind to the end 'till my life is [?]

[Chorus x2]
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