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Higher Up Lyrics
See I was born back in 84
Without a damn clue what was in store.
And further more even if I could brah.
I'd do it all again, real shit brah.
Advocate of rapping and doing me,
I ended up rapping re-newing me.
Ended up being better then the last.
A whole new cutter for the new class.
Every time I think about the first step I ever took alone
made me realize the prince was made for the throne.
Defeated the peace, sword from stone, smoking so much weed I'm better off alone.

I'm so gone, now niggaless.
I can't disappear stress, my life's way beyond yo mama knows best.
But can't forget that I'm blessed.
but feel so cursed cause I can't stop the curse from spitting.
Without feeling like I'm phony
cause I speak my thoughts every time I think em up.
I guarantee you I will win,
if I was ever wrong this moment ain't it.
So I'm psychic in the in end.
I think my thoughts and reality lets them In, in, in.

Tell me who's all ready to go?
Who's all, ready to go?
Higher up, higher up I say higher up.
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