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Freestyle '09 Lyrics
Born to do it
Even though my friends lookin at me like who knew it
Run to it
The hoods just picked thy new nigga
Feel cats talkin like who nigga
Is he
Where did he come from CL
My mom prayed for me on my journey
Treat me like ane alien something like sigourney
Live through the game for the fame and the gurney
Tried to put me on the pedestal
Hoes treated me like who are you
Now I get to choose like you and her too
I just like girls not whores
But I have a chill time make smores
Bit if I wanna plow somethibg like a snowblower
I can work that ass like a wprkout plan
And then I holler at fam
Talkin bout ye dime c jigga man
Been represent since I met quince and I get style tips from my homeboy vin and
Com is the homie
Really doe is the homie
GLC is the homie
And big shawn what up gwan
I go monkeypaw on the record and they think I'm cuckoo
Niggas is soundin dated like they recorded in fubu
Most niggas will quote you play scrabble with your words man
Till you see them at your shows is my dick that they blow man
I would sit up some nights and think about my own place
Probably cause I took so many blunts of cush
To the face
My bad thoughts I can't eraase
Or eat what's on thew devils plate
I just tell the devil wait
Cause murder will not be the case
In london with hudson
And them girls want some cuttin
I'm with him so I'm cool
Plus my face on the telly
But I'm pissed at the moment
I got charged for some roamin
At and t is on bullshit man I wish they'd stop frontin
But when I roll back to brooklyn
Hit the store for a dutchie
I say homie keep rappin
I say homie it's nothin
This is
Dream on
Now when I roll back to cleveland
Hit the store for a phillie
Niggas tell me keep rappin
Cause them young niggas feel me
Hear me
Hah hem
Hear me
Yep yep
Hear me
Yep yep yep
Hear me
Hear me
When I roll out to cali
Hit the store for a swisha
Niggas tell me keep rappin
I say homie I get ya
Hear me
Hear me
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