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Kid Cudi Lyrics

Dat New "New" Lyrics
(Hello - what it be to you and yours)

Salutations to all you can call me Cudi
Or Mr. Extravagant 'cause I'm getting my money.
Way my doors are swayin' it's like a bird on wheels
You can come to Ohio and you can see how it feels
And this the premier of that new new here
It's gonna take you beyond
Where a jet can leer
But all you gon' hear is something crazy in fact
How I be burning the booth
We'll get you looser than Yak.

Yep yep... you got it...right.
Now don't get left get on your good foot it's only right.
That you step and keep boppin' 'til this shit unfamiliar
If you main line got time then I be drillen' her.
I keep you in my realm I keep you in the sound
I keep myself up high because the haze by the pound. (whaa?)
And my imagination you can look all over the nation
But they ain't see

You can look all over but you'll never find
(hot shit) like mine
WOOP.... it blow your mind.

You can look all over but you'll never find
(hot shit) like mine
'Cause I provide
That new new

Salutations my niggaz
I'm aware that I'm different
You can still keep it hood
While you're smoking just listen
It don't matter your race
Just take a blunt to the face
And we all gon rock
Gotta keep up the pace
And the girls gon twerk it
'Cause the vibe is poppin'
As well as the bottle
Keep it rockin' don't stop 'em
At the motel-8
We can park out front
Yeah the flow is unleaded
You sucker niggaz will front

Yeah 'cause I'm super-cut-lery-alistic-leaner-ala-docis
And rap ferocious I been coaching the league
I bobble head the public if you love it M dub it
Blood sweat and tears homie I'm made of it
Finish the class if you think nothing bout it
Tell em that grandpa you don't know nothing bout it
Wear kicks once then the leaner come up out 'em
I been saying it, you was playing 'em
Now you know.


What it be to my ladies
With the bodies that kill
We were bopping on money
F*ck with me 'cause you're real
See you shakin' it fast
On some mystical shit
You could slap that nigga
If he call you a bitch
Yeah I see you with that
But you should be on this
It's that Henney and Coca-Cola
Come over and sit
Won't you tell me your name
Tell me where you be at
I know you know that them hot
But I don't wanna hear that

You see I ain't for a check before
I ain't for sex
Niggaz aim for death
They trying to f*ck with the blessed
Ain't no f*cking with amateurs
Run past the novas
Sip hella lean
And see who talks the slowest
Ain't no stopping me at all
You need to saw it off with maybe a chainsaw
And even if that
The crack that I brew is still new
You guys think acute but Cudi is obtuse

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