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Kid Cudi Lyrics

Beez Lyrics
(Verse 1: RZA)
Who could take a single buck, an empty cup, a stroke of luck
F*ck around and reconstruct it up to a million bucks
In God we trust, every part of us is marvelous
You Krusty Krab squad, ya'll will rust, ya'll ain't hard enough
Demolition expert, I exert through your network while the text work, jerk
There's holes inside your sweatshirt
Through your apparel, through your blood, through your bone marrow
Precise with this mic device, slice your pie like Sobrours
You falling nigga, and you can't get up
You been stalling motherf*cker and your ass is stuck.
Brooklyn, Brownsville, baby stay with the Killer Hill crazy.
It grows up above the booth
And conceils my three eighty
Are you running for this money money
Hunting eggs like easter bunny
Geeks trying to beast upon me
Freak,I will eat a zombie.
Calm and double while you jumping through these hurdles, silly rabbit
The race is over, is won by the turtle
Metal machinery, purple herbal mixed with that greenery
I don't write songs, grasshopper, I write scenaries
Everything ain't what it seems to be
What it means to you it don't mean to me
Bzzzz, a sting from the killer bees.

(Hook x4)
In God I trust, no I don't give no f*cks
(Dropping them them them, motherf*cking Beez)

(Verse 2: RZA)
I pass any test of litmus
I workout at 24 fitness
On the weekends, I sip Belvedere with that citrus
My dogs is vicious, exotic
Life is good, I live every day like it's Christmas
Happy New Year, I does what the f*ck I wanna do here
I splash that Gucci shit from the shirt to the shoewear
Trust the rings out, wife beater tee with the wings out
Long dick stamina, I f*ck a bird til she sings out
La la la la, body could convert Lady Gaga
Dr Hannibal sexual, I'm classy like Impala
Plus I'm federal, when it comes to making dollas
Like Jigga nigga man, if you hear me then holla
Four rings like the Green Lantern
You see me in the mean phantom
Pushing over there in Ohio, outside of Canton
Or maybe in the Grotti rugged projects of Stanton
Tall redbone in my shower, she looking like Paula Patton

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