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Wounded Birds Lyrics
I bring my broken birds to him

He gazes lovingly at all he sees

He takes them gently in his healing hands

And breathes new hope into them and hearts-ease

He gives them wings to reach the skies

His Wise Woman watches, touches

Speaks a spell or two

Human eyes look out of all my wounded birds

I bring my broken birds to him

His Lady lovingly gives of her grace

He takes their pain and fear and wounds away

She gives them time and touch, a sheltered place

And when they leave they know a change

So strange and yet healing mending

Making them so strong

Song exchanged for tears in all my wounded birds

I scream until I have no voice

My drab and faded feathers fall

I dream sometimes I have a choice

But find each waking

No doors in my wall

Wingless I fly

Silent I call

I bring my broken birds to him

He gazes sadly at my shattered soul

He takes me gently in his warm embrace

And waits for me to ask "Oh make me whole"

And let me soar the painted skies

His Wise Woman sees me frees me

Knows the reasons why

My heart lies here mute another wounded bird

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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