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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Sonnet Lyrics
I sent you a sonnet

I stole from a woman

Who shared all my fears

You'll never imagine the courage it cost me

To wait out the years

Knowing that time was against ever meeting you

Loving you still for your songs

Trusting the truth of the lyrics

I've learned from you

Wishing on stars and singing on street corners

Hoping that you'd come along

And if you should hear this don't

feel obligations to answer these lines

I'm happy just knowing I've

told you I love you within these poor rhymes

Portuguese sonnets and second hand songwriters

sending you fan-letter love cannot express

all the beauty I see in you

Found in your words,

Locked in your songs

are the feelings that I'm singing of.

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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