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Look Away Lyrics
Chorus:Look away, look away, I can't bear

To be watching the love they are sharing

There are too many years I must stay

Every touch, every kiss is a knife in my heart

Oh child, look away

1.One never knows from beginnings at all

Just what will be the ends

Lost in the lives of my puppets

Never quite touched by friends

What I have made of my chances

Seemed logical in that hour

Choices will haunt forever

No one has all the power

2.Given a strange opportunity

I chose the road to hell

One who's been taken by fever

Acts without thinking too well

All of the strings I was pulling

And all of the cages closed

Left me alone in this wasteland

Hidden and so exposed

3.I will have all of eternity

To regret what I have done

Hours alone in this darkness

And days full of torture and sun

All of my memories dancing

All the repentance that sings

I am the puppetmaster

Always without the strings


Chorus:Dm C Dm Bb F C

Am Dm C Am C Am

Dm Bb Dm

Verses:Dm C Am Dm

Dm Bb Dm

C G D Bb A7

Dm C Am Dm

C Dm

C Bb Dm

A7 Dm (A7)

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Based on the movie Being John Malkovich

Copyright 2000 Kathy Mar
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