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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Joy Lyrics
Chorus: Joy is in the ears that hear

Let its song succeed

Laughter is the bane of fear

And all the hope we need

1.Let all who are most serious

And fearful on this day

Take lessons from our Giant friends

Or children at their play

For ever in the midst of woe

It helps if we recall

That laughter is a medicine

More potent than them all


2.When all our banners dragged the dust

And all our hands were chained

In haunted caverns of the earth

Our laughter yet remained

And ever as we lost our dreams

The joy would bid them nigh

Until at last we left the dark

And laughed beneath the sky


3.Though ever in this darkling world

Our enemies grow strong

It helps us to remember

That their reign cannot be long

And though it seems forever

As we hold them still at bay

It helps to know that laughter

Is forever and a day

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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