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Dreaming Lyrics
I stood in the spaceport, my hands full of papers

And the wind tying macrame knots in my hair

Awaiting my moment to climb the chrome staircase

And enter a ship that would take me out there

And I dreamed of the children who dreamed this adventure

Who planned it for others who someday would follow

With no hope that someday would come in their lifetimes

Believing the promise and taking the dare

I stood at the viewport and gazed at tomorrow

The sun I would find at the end of my flight

Was blazing in joy from the depths of black velvet

And calling me on through the long empty night

And I prayed for the children with strange skies above them

And new worlds to wander and strong new tomorrows

The galaxy's promise was shining around me

In ebony splendor and rainbows of light

I sit on my porch-swing and dream for your children

And all I have told you is just one dream more

But dreams have a way of becoming tomorrows

Too vivid and real for us to ignore

We must all keep believing we'll span the dark spaceways

And gather the stars in a crown for our children

If all our tomorrows are not worth the dreaming

Then what in the world is the dreaming all for

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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