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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Behold Lyrics
As in the tribal ritual passed down from ancient days

Take all your newborn children out beyond the city blaze

And raise your children overhead to sable skies above

Present them to the universe, and say to them with love:

Chorus: Behold, my child, the only thing that's greater than you are

The sable field of distant space, afire with every star

Behold it in humility, but never lose your way

You'll walk upon that sable field of distant stars one day

There is no greater goal for them than swimming seas of space

I hope that, for the future's sake, they grow in truth and grace

Remembering the lessons learned on this poor misused earth

To be the stewards to the stars and the planet of their birth

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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