Kathy Linden - Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye Lyrics

Kathy Linden Lyrics

Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye Lyrics
Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye

- Artist: Kathy Linden
- peak Billboard position # 11 in 1959
- Words and Music by Jack Vaughn

Goodbye, Jimmy, goodbye
Goodbye, Jimmy, goodbye
I'll see you again but I don't know when
Goodbye, Jimmy, goodbye

Wind is a-blowin', rain starts to fall
Train is a-tootin' its long, lonesome call
Wheels are clickin' their way down the track
Countin' the days till he's comin' back


When he has traveled the land and the sea
He'll stop his wand'rin' and come home to me
Give me a kiss for each tear and each sigh
Till then my Jimmy, my Jimmy, goodbye


Goodbye Jimmy goodbye

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