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Wardance Lyrics
Do the Wardance

I'm from the tribe of Shabazz
Where every dead peep burned earns you another feather in your head
Peep the pilgrim killa, protectin' my villa, collectin' my scrilla
Wanted this native outlaw squaw thrilla
Young brave, ex-slave walkin' the straight narrow
Stalkin', with my bow and arrow
I shoot, get the loot
I pluck ‘em up by the root
I never stick ‘em soft, I'm pick ‘em off like fruit
This is my territory, Yankees wanna block us in
Like a flock of hens
Steppin' on my ?malkasin?
I send up a smoke signal with the drums beatin'
Callin' all braves, time for a meetin'
Lets pow wow with the chief tonight around the fire
Cus this man is a murderin' thief, and a liar
So we chant ourselves into a trance
Put away them peace pipes, cus it's time to do the Wardance

Do the Wardance

I rides out on a course to attack with force
Bareback on my horse, showin' no remorse
About a prior slaughter that I just committed
I guess that firewater must of did it
All I remember was a loud noise, then one louder
Then ten cowboys layed out smellin' like gunpowder
There was a signal for the ambush
To light a stick of dynamite and wait right behind a damn bush
For them to catch it
F*ck leaving shell cases; grab my hatchet
And start scalpin' pale faces
Left and right niggas on a mission to kill
Screamin', (Oh yu yu yu yu yu!) comin' over the hill
To turn your lights out faster than Edison can
I send these bastards off to see the medicine man
I never sleep, for keeps is the way I play
I go heyah heyah heyah hey
Do the Wardance

We on a warpath, now feel the wrath of this black mud
I turn a simple bloodbath into a flash flood
When ways rage and roar
And slaves wage in war
I send the Yankees to they grave hardcore
No retreat and no surrender
Death to the Greek pretender
We killin' every age, class, and gender
And in the heat of battle, I'm crawlin' on the grace piracy
Them white eyes afraid to die, but me don't fear shit
Nothin' affects us slayin' all passengers
Worst than +Texas Chainsaw Massacres+
We aint giving these enemies no more chances
First we be showing love, now we doing Wardances

Do the Wardance
Do the Wardance
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