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Trust Nobody Lyrics
People make the world go around
They ask me what's up, I tell em what's goin down
Talk to me real if you feel you got a point to push
Then trick, make it quick, don't beat around the bush
I know we all lookin out for number one
That's why brothers sell dope and girls get they nails done
Tryin to get the same thing everybody else got
If you a big name oh they'll be runnin game like snot
So I keep my guard up and I read between the lines
If we kick it long enough I can see the signs
If your motives is righteous or wicked
Do you want the knowledge or do you see me as a free meal ticket?
I keep my eyes open and my mouth closed
In a world full of white men, niggas and hoes
Everybody want somethin from you, but ain't nothin free
I do for people, but what can people do for me?
Except lock me down or sell me out
But anyway, what you say you had to tell me bout?
Yeah, all that talk sounds good
But rule number one when you come from the hood
Is: don't trust nobody

No one's gonna trust you
So don't you trust nobody

I came into this world alone
Ain't no doubt that's how I'm goin out, so let me get my live on
Top of that I'm black in this white man's world
Believe me, they don't care if your hair is jherri curled
Especially for a male
They can't kill me, they wanna put me under the jail
You know my record's clean cause you just checked
But to them I'm just another 'male negro suspect'
A threat to the powers that be
You got sweet talk for my sister, but it sours at me
Cause you see the black man as a rival
But this is anybody killer and it's all about survival
So go for what you know from your country hick college
This is '94 and I'm up on your trick knowledge
Watchin devils like a hawk
Excuse me, mister, why do white men whisper when they talk?
Because that's a man snake hidin in that handshake
Who won't hesitate to lie, cheat and take
I know you think they act nice
But you be wise and just take this advice
And don't trust nobody


Ain't no shame in my game, I got a lot to learn
But I'm learnin trust is somethin you got to earn
You might be able to rap or make the fans mob
But never send a boy out to do a man's job
Cause you really couldn't handle it
You be at they memorial tryin to keep a candle lit
Though they was fit, it don't matter if you muscle-bound
Out here it's all about who can put they hustle down
So I kick it with the O.G.'s
They say experience cost as we floss on the gold D's
You gotta work for your milk and honey
Second rule in the hood: all money ain't good money
Don't get excited and don't be emotional
Never run your mouth in front of none of them hoes you know
Bro, because fools and they money soon part
You might know they name but you never know they heart
It's a cold game, but somebody gotta play it
You probably wouldn't know if I didn't say it
So all it really boils down to is respect
Just like the tat on his neck, it said 'trust nobody'
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