KAM - Have A Fit Lyrics

KAM Lyrics

Have A Fit Lyrics
(feat. Big Solo, Ms. Red Bone)

[Chorus: KAM]
Oh shit, yeah right there, that's it
Oh shit, yeah right there, that's it
Oh shit, yeah right there, that's it
You make a nigga wanna have a fit!

I got the shit to make your legs tremble
To the niggaz I'm a G, but to girls I'm a sex symbol
And I respect who respects me, YES
It's the KAM, god damn I guess I am kinda sexy

[Ms. Red Bone]
But I ain't led on (what?) Turn up my headphone
You heard what I said, you gotta break bread
(And you are?) Red Bone
And I don't come cheap is what I'm sayin
So the only way I'm playin (is what?) Is if you payin like you weighin

Shit, you got me crossed up, baby you get tossed up
If I ain't have no spouse
you'd be hangin around my house like a lost pup
Beggin me to maintain and support her
So bad, I'd probably have to get a damn restrainin order

[Ms. Red Bone]
It's more to me than meets the eye boo-boo, or do you care?
You might just be in fo' a surprise, what size shoe you wear?
(Eleven) Guys be always lyin (who you tellin?) I ain't buyin
what you sellin cause the shit I got'll have yo' ass yellin

[Chorus x2]

[Big Solo]
Baby I'm Solo, let's take a ride in my lo-lo
Kick your feet up, turn the beat up, go to the mo-mo
(Nigga what you thank?) I just put a dub in the tank
I know a spot that we can stop and get some bud and some drank

[Ms. Red Bone]
If I was stank maybe yeah but you got bank baby
See out yo' income, you gon' have to spend some on me
You try to shoot game at me but I shot it right back
I wonder why you niggaz figure that you got it like that

[Big Solo]
Cause I'ma hog baby, straight up, you think I'm ugly?
Well I keep it so real girls still wanna f*ck me
You see what gutter niggaz do to catch a houserat?
Just use peanut butter and a bigger mousetrap

[Ms. Red Bone]
I'm afraid it ain't that easy to please me (oh well)
I got too much class to be f*ckin in some cheesy-ass motel

[Big Solo]
Shit, you can go to hell with that, cause if I really wanna f*ck
I'll have your ass buttnaked in the back of my truck screamin

[Chorus x2]

So many women give that lay back to take a spin
in my wheels, I feels like Pat Sajak [WOF:] (puzzle revealed)
See baby I'm not your average nig' honey [WOF:] (wheel spun)
So when you finally get a turn you be like,
"C'mon big money! Big money!"

[Ms. Red Bone]
Oh you funny but sonny I ain't just some hoochie you can yank up
By the time you finished with this coochie you be bankrupt [whistle]
Drinkin fifths on the corner, shootin dice, countin rips
But don't trip, at least you got some nice partin gifts

Shit, I lifts up skirts and pull panties to the side
F*ckin with me, you be swallowin more than your pride
I ride like Bloods and Crips between them hips
until you sayin "Hold up!" I leave both your lips swoll up

[Ms. Red Bone]
I don't know about all that goin down South biz
But if you wanna bet then put some coochie where your mouth is
I'm pussy-whippin niggaz and laughin as I'm walkin out
Just for the thrill leave they ass still talkin bout

[Chorus x4]
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