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Hang 'Um High Lyrics
That's all I can stand, I can't stands no more
Cause we done told y'all before
And y'all was too near me, not to hear me
Enough with the warnings, this is war, time to lay down the law
So who's up first?
It's the ones that had black people thinkin they was cursed
The preachers, string up the preachers
All women and children to the bleachers
Let the record show they religion was filthy
So there's no need for you to plead not guilty
Any last requests? Take 'em up with Da Lench Mob
Can y'all handle that? (Shit, it's a cinch job)
So walk 'em up the steps slowly
The anticipation'll kill 'em cause they ain't holy
They say you only get a minute to pray, and a second to die
Hang 'um high

Next up on the rope
is y'all niggaz still tryin to sell dope to blacks
That's how you got your milk and honey
Yeah, off of that blood money
And have you foamin at the mouth, y'all had to contract rabies
to make a whole generation of crack babies
Instead of bottles, they want the plastic baggy
cause momma was known to suck a glass dick raggedy
And she even sold her body
Standin outside until her nose was snotty
In her last trimester, the dope man blessed her
with a chest buster, God rest her soul
Her baby's in shock
You killed two birds with one rock, so step right up
and get fitted for the noose, cause it's too late to cry
Hang 'um high

Hot damn, ain't no escapin misters
Cause y'all been convicted for rapin sisters
Shoulda committed suicide
Cause before this is over, y'all gon' wish you had died sooner
Cause after (?)uma, it's on
Take one last look before it's gone
The sisters never wanted you to touch her
This was just a hangin, but now we gotta cut'cha
So break 'em off one at a time
Cause cruel and unusual punishment fit the crime
And don't show 'em no mercy
In fact, bring the daughter up front and let her see
how justice is served with the civilized
It's up to you now whether he live or dies
(I just wanna ask him why)
(But you know I love you baby girl) HANG 'UM HIGH
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