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Godbrotha Lyrics
Come here sit down

Now I'ma make you an offer, Sonny, that you can't refuse
Or you can wear these cement shoes
So think before you choose
You want hip hop glory, or top story on the news?
Yous makin us look bad, and the families don't like it
I fear how messy this might get
You put out a hit, disrespect the contacts
So we taking out record contracts on you wise guys
Who wanna be Dons, undercover nerds
Whos words aint buyin
How you respond to a John Doe?
You run back to your Condo with some blonde ho
Well it's huntin season now, and you the target
That the reason we called you to the carpet
To offer you a proposition
Either you stop your dissin, or sonny the cops go fishin
Pops don't listen to you no more
That's why you say you love the familly, he thinks you love the dough boy
And I aint gonna let no whore disrespect our mother
Even if I'm just your Godbrotha

The Godbrotha

You know we live by a code of honor, and you violated that
And you know how I hate a rat, give me that bat
Let's talk baseball
You know, I oughta waste y'all
But I got a soft spot for family, so I'ma let you work it off
You only get one chance, don't jerk it off
People think we gettin soft thanks to you
So we gon handle this like real gangstas do
Here these shanks is new, take ‘em
Save your drama ??asalaka make em??
You know what to do sonny, now get outta here
I just want you to disappear, for about a year
Till this whole thing blows over

And if anybody from your crew's seen, shows over
You made a deal with the devil for what? some gig
You got money, now Sonny you cut them pigs
Cus that's just greed
The family's all we got, and the family's all we need
Oh by the way, while you was out there livin large
Pops put me in charge, Your Godbrotha

The Godbrotha

And all the families agree
You gotta clean up the house, so the council they chose me
And I intend to do just that
It seems silly, but I really don't like being cussed at
So watch your mouth from now on, will ya?
Or I'll kill ya
Till your job is completed I don't want to see you
I don't know you, and I wouln't wanna be you
Evil laughs, last laugh's loudest
And a good son make his father proudest
Now this concludes our meeting
Come over here, and give your brotha a greeting
You can't be treating me like a step child no more
Cus this is war, and you know what I stand for
There's the door, so use it
And remember, no more disrespect from music
I'll make sure these joints is jumpin
But I think you forgettin somethin
This rap family is going to be like no other
Cus I'm the Godbrotha

The Godbrotha
The Godbrotha
The Godbrotha
The Godbrotha
The Godbrotha
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