KAM - Active Lyrics

KAM Lyrics

Active Lyrics
(feat. Spade)

..it's the end of the world
You know what, my nigga?
Let's get active

I was born in sin, shaped in inequity
So niggas who ain't been where I been don't really click with me
I'm quick to be up and out on a solo creep mission
Or in a jeep fo' deep, screwdriver in the ignition
Listenin to gangsta rap, thang on my lap
Steady havin anxiety attacks, ready to snap
And give a nigga the claps
From this black thick dirty dick I whip out
(Unzip) empty the clip and dip out
Off into the night, takin flight like a great white
Dressed in khaki and denim pumpin lead venom like a snake bite
Buckin like a Texas bull or a Bronco
Tougher than leather, leave a fool forever horizontal
I g-o h-a-r-d
And I can't be no c-o-w-a-r-d
See, it's a war goin on where the brown and the black live
Told you befo', man, I'm a soldier fo' sho' and I'm active

[CHORUS x2: KAM (& Spade)]
So can you busters really fade it? (active)
Nigga, I ain't just affiliated, I'm (active)
Every day deep when we swerve (active)
Nigga, I ain't on no weekend reserve, I'm (active)

[VERSE 2: Spade]
I was forced to get a trade, the dirt handler
The street hustler, the gambler
Still at it with automatics, active
Move weight, then back to blowin in traffic
I'm an addict and don't smoke on dope
I'm just a fiend who get em off by the quotes
F*ck a rap star, I'm far from rich
Even if I sell a mill I still'll flip
These qualudes to oz's to birds
Homie, chop that chirp and let's go to work
It won't cease till I feel I can buy the world
I can't sleep, I just wanna move this dirty girl
I ain't hard to find, catch me on a block countin up a knot
You want it by the powder or you want it by the rocks?
We still play the field, playin for appeal
Playin to the kill, boy, this shit is all real


I'm from that army of the Dry Bones in the Valley nation
Never the aggressor, specializin in retaliation
(Takin dough means) makin foes bite the dust
We just fight with those who fight with us
United by the light, so in God I trust
So I might just bust and cut you all the way down to your pie crust
Cause my lust ain't just for attractive booty
But layin enemies down, stayin on active duty
I walks my post in a perfect manner
Keepin always on alert in suit and tie or t-shirt and bandana
It don't matter how much stress you put on my shoulder
I'm a die-hard wartime frontline foot soldier
Bang in a car and we drive straight
So f*ck 24-7, I ride it 25-8
Fly straight and pray to Allah for forgiveness
While these other niggas talk the talk I really live this

[VERSE 4: Spade]
And that's the realest it get
We're still O.T. comin back with a grip
My O.G.'s taught me how to move a brick
So active, liable to snatch you right out of your whip
You don't really want no problems with this
Beatin niggas with the bottles of Cris
Slap they models, make em swallow it quick
That's on the Eastside, you know how we ride and dip
If you familiar then you know how them gangstas get
When we active

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