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J-Zone Lyrics

The Zone Mission Lyrics
"Speak now or forever hold your peace"
I interupt the norm to deliver the original
The blueprint, the ill enough to stop a cruise ship
On microphones I never clone, DNA be the new shit
Flows untraced, vocabulary is what I cruise with
Wanna call rap a guest list, some'll say "Lyrically restless"
Bring the asbestos to those that aint breathless
To bite I'm mandatory like oxygen
Plus the beat is thick like your fat and outta Washington
"Fake big willies" get cuts of small bills
Insisting you players but wont get on the field
We can take this back to 89
I'll play my part like half moons and flat tops
Battle well the track rocks "Put away your crack rocks"
I'll puff skills and exhale the dope shit
The second hand smoke kit
Excel accapella over silence for the ambience
"Taste the medicine" or do this for the benjamins
Circles of jerkoffs fronting on the record
But like masterbation I come solo on this effort
Yoke up the DJ and sabotage the playlist
Here's taste of rap's latest, go ahead play this
"Ice on my whip, ice on my bitch
Ice in my crystal, ice for my click
Yo im mad jiggy having sex in the Lex
Selling crack in the projects"
I abore fake styles with a smile, pass the anger
Remain unimpressed, no respect for the remainder
Life as a thug, player declarations
Fronting like you Scarface and hard times you facing
Live nigga status, spitting of dead rap
Taliking about cats that you filled up with lead caps
But I filled lead like ????
"I can find your style ????" Even with your niggas with you
Battle on the cordless, but die by a handgun
Deleting violators until there arent any reamaining

Oh yes the battle begins ????
??? Hip-Hop law all my soldiers suit up
Take that

I come with unexpected *punch sound* like sucker punchs
All loners rolling in bunches looking for a crew
So prepare for the worst
All smiles but still end your carear in a verse
I crush your confidence "Like the A&R did you accomplishments"
Demo in the trash can, aint been rhyming since
Straight out of the burbs "You a herb"
But I represent a loner in the midst, with more talent than your tenament
Project, Hood, Boulevad, Block skill with Surburban edacate well you push rocks
Im far from ghetto but you get gasface's
Battle these beats we never tie like fat laces
Therfore Im avoided like I-95 at 5pm
"Ludercruss like rollerblading on the ????"
Meahwhile you silicone fake like breasts'
So when you finish fronting give hurbs back there lex's
Faker than your video, out to chase the mineral "Gold..."
But you get the Bronze fronting hard 'cause you cliteral
I erase copycats pull the microphone out
Take back the artform back from those on the clone now
[Fat Joe] "I know your style I seen it before"
"Fed up with the bull"
"I've had it up to here with your weak ass rappers"
[Big Daddy Kane] "Ive heard it all before somewhere"
[Fat Joe] "I know your style I seen it before"
"So why you pushing"
[Guru] "I flip lines and lines and never sound like yours"
[Rakim] "Weak ideas irritate my ears"

The rescue mission, operation
Take back the artform
Imitators singles
Fall victim of there own shit
Cant survive, casulties increase
???? mission, complete

"If where to end this fight
If where to end this fight we must use all the intelligence
All the courage, all the skill, every effort of mind and body"

[2 lines of foreign language]
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