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The Trojan War Lyrics
(feat. Huggy Bear)

On my way out the door to check a high price nympho
I bagged out drivin my beat up ass pinto
I face like Mya with a butt to stop traffic (woooooooo)
Reminsce about what happened with the last chick (what?)
Ran out the crib all heated and mad
For 3 damn hours I beat it, its sad
That it never got a nut, so from here on out, I ain't
f*ckin with a rubber on
Bonin with a trojan ain't my type of lifestyle
You bein ultra sensitive to say I'm livin trife pal
Then again the thought of me havin 3 seeds
A bed I been laid up havin VD
Brings fear to the Zone, so you gotta stay hard
But I ain't pissin razor blades until the Father's Day card
So she comes to the crib, Dog, you might as well use it
*Im ready to f*ck and I ain't jokin*
But like I expected, the chick was dope
The sex was wack cause of the bullshit latex
We both frustrated and ???? the CD stopped
Try doggystyle, missionary, me on top
On the floor, in the shower, its all the same
Bonin for hours we burn the straight flame
Ain't no point in being ???
cause sex aint shit when they hung it on ya shoulder

Was it good for you? I didn't feel a thing
Was it good for you? I didn't feel a thing

DJ Contakt: Yo J!
J-Zone: Oh shit, Contakt what the f*ck you doin up in
these parts?
DJ Contakt: I'm about to catch this new Lucy Lui
joint, yo you wanna come with me?
J-Zone: Damn Luvy Lui, thats wifey right there. But
I'm sayin, I met this chick that look
like Anna Kournikova, I'm about to go tear her back out man..
DJ Contakt: Yo I got some condoms man you want some..
J-Zone: C'mon man you know I don't f*ck with condoms
no more, i don't even bust usin
them shits, I gave up on rubbers a long time ago,
dog.. i gotta go raw daddy, you know
what Im sayin..
DJ Contakt: Yo are you crazy?? You gotta listen to
your dick man, you gotta listen to
your dick.

[Huggy Bear AKA Thug Penis]
Well its about time you stop tuggin on me
And got me lined up with some new pussy
Lets collaborate, 2 heads is better than one
And from my perspective its only anti-ception
Too many infections
I liked it in her mouth, but the asshole is out (what!)
You better put a hat on my head, before i play dead
Like I did last time and got us both kicked out of bed (Stupid!)
Even though were the same age, I cum premature and
blame it one the bones
We refuse to get it red without a latex
Unless you start givin these hoes AIDS tests (Whatever)
Face in the ass smoothered enough to flood gas
Give that hoe charcole and a face mask
In the pussy, yeah we miss them days
Crabs, weed, one day I even found a diamond ring
Being a dick is harder than you think
Especially when you owner f*cks anything that winks (f*ck you)
Blast in the face, bitches keep lickin me
Even though I got no taste, strictly piss and sticky
Until I bust off like a mobster
And get pulled out right in the boxers
Im not the man to be traded
I'm not f*ckin with you Zone, It's either that or castrated

Shut up dick, cause with a rain coat your dead
Who cares if shes ugly at least I keep you fed
You hate it when I bet it, or let you get backed up
You should spit kids up, they all had fat butts
The days of the condom are over
Im about to go break off this Anna Kournikova
look-a-like raw dog
Like an idiot

Whats the matter ya burnin?

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