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The Commandment$ Lyrics
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…It's the J-Zone Commandments
I J-Zone AKA Captain Backslap on behalf of Old Man Entertainment
Got to foreshadow y'all to what's goin' on cause we got rules and
Commandments for y'all to follow before you roll with us on this album
So pay attention, OK?

Audience shut the f*ck up, don't make a sound
Like Eddie Murphy I got rules and shit when I throw down
All I need is about 2 minutes to run down the Commandments
Before we get it poppin, so we gotta understand it
Thou shalt not
Cock block at shows
Give me a pound and step if I'm creepin with hoes
And thou shalt not
Ask Zone his race
What's the matter when your broad gave Zone a taste (mwah)
Thou shalt not
Call my house when there's a basketball game on TV
You don't know, check the TV Guide
Cause if you make me miss Kobe drop 50, you gon' see me
And thou shalt not
Ask Zone to perform if there's less than 3 zeroes in the show fee
And thou shalt not
E-mail the Zone, saying put me on
Faggot, you don't know me
Ladies, thou shalt not react
When I use the word bitch cause if you not, relax
The more you get upset, the more that must mean the shoe fits
So if you got mad then yeah, I was talking bout you, bitch
Thou shalt not
Bring food in my car
And when you ride, thou shalt not ride for free
So up the money on the mobile or hitch a ride
Cause bitch, riding dolo is just fine with me
Fat girls, thou shalt not wear midriffs
And while you at it, kill the thong thoughts, chicken and biscuits
Thou shalt
Vanish if you got too many kids
Move in?
Is you crazy, bitch, I look like Mike Brady?
Thou shalt
Floss and stunt
Even if you drive a hooptie, sport the junk
And when you rollin up the strip, and a sucker run his lip
Slam the clutch, put it in 5, and off the chump
And thou shalt
Use caution getting head while driving
Chicks that want you to trick, thou shalt nickel and dime them
Thou shalt be cheap so you can ball like me
Thou can't be both pussy whooped and rich
Thou shalt not act hard on the internet
Living in South Dakota where nobody can get you at
And thou shalt buy this album at the store and shit
Cause all y'all listening know damn well y'all downloaded this
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