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J-Zone Lyrics

Recess Lyrics
(feat. Al-Shid)

There's a lot of talk and speculation about, who's the hottest out
Ninety percent of y'all is wack and that's a modest count
Another eight percent, all y'all really got is mouth
So for the two percent, this is what I choose to vent
Sleep if you intend on wakin up in the grave
Thirty feet in the earth dirt if you don't f*ckin behave
You rockin waves? Get faded when you startin with me
Cause I'm like Moses, grab my staff and we partin the sea
Harmony I'm liberty fat, which only means logically
take my words to heart enough times to clog arteries
Niggaz can't spar with me, you know cow rappers
I lose my patients/patience quicker than doctors that malpractice
A foul bastard, handin out good vouchers
Redeemable, when a nigga smack the shit out ya
First name Alpha; f*ck that Phi Gamma
You couldn't come harder than this with Viagra
Fly grammer, so niggaz better get they battle right
Talk that shit while I'm blowin
I'm smack you'll be a satellite

Aight Shid, break this shit up, recess is over
You wanna finish this song? Take it to the classroom
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