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Jalbait Jennifer Lyrics
(feat. Al-Shid)

Oh no
God, I can't go to jail

Drive in my Reeboks, steppin up Main Street boppin
Like a broken leg puppet, lookin rugged window shoppin
And I'm starvin, thinkin 'bout a bag of roasted peanuts
Rudly interrupted by fly grills and c-cups
Ass more abundant than suckers at open mic nights
Gettin tight like watchin a x-rated dyke fight
Oh shit - (dong) - went my cock
I'm harder than findin my first album
There she go: "Hey you, yeah you, baby stop it
I need your ID so I can stare, run your pockets"
I should have got it, she's amused by my humor though
"My name is Zone, if you wanna bone, call the studio"
She grabbed her hips, what's up yo, I'm 23, middle class
I got a whip, it's busted though, can I still get the ass?
Weeks later, watchin _Love and Basketball_
Scopin out the hips, starin at the ass and all
Warmin up the mood, out for brain in the mezzanine
This chick talkin 'bout (I can't wait till I'm 17)
Yo, I'm chokin like Ewing at the foul line on my snow cap
She young as shit, should I hit it?
Man f*ck it, I'm horny (you dirty old man)
Yo, she's even new to bleedin, my concious tried to warn me
I got a young nympho, so life is straight
"Yo, I bet you in a year you makin licence plates"
But she could pass for 24 so I'm on it with a stroke
But I'm tortured by visions of me droppin the soap

She's too young
(Don't do it, don't screw!)
She's too young
(But she look 22)
She's too young)
(Craddle-robbin for some wet balls
A stupid muthaf*cka, now you sittin in a messhall)

(You punk
She's only 16
I told you before to stay away from her
You oughta put him under the jail)

Nonchalant, in a 2000 Galant
Playin shotgun, I seen this hot hon outside of Stop One
Hollered at her, no response
"Yo what's up love, let me guess, you don't f*ck scrubs"
She had to stop and laugh
Hypnotized by the ass I had to drop the glass
Called her over, grabbed her palm and told her
"I'm tryin to get your right and left leg segregated
You know baby ( ? ) style, separated"
Her gestures made it possible
She slowly moaned suckin a popsicle
Hopped in a ride, my nigga drove me home
We on the couch watchin Comic View, I sit in a slouch
Her hands on her abdominal, my dick in her mouth
All I really want is head, then I'm kickin her out
Right there, keep goin, she acknowledged by Deep Throat
A brief choke, then back to the head wop
My vein flex, I grab the head, my leg locked
Now you know what came next (What?) Preferrably me
She swallowed and all, let her tongue fondle the ball
She said she had to use the phone to give her mama a call
I'm like no prob
That's the least I could do to compensate a blowjob

(Hey mom, uhm, it's me
I'm out with Daniel
We went on to the movies
I should be getting in about 1:30
So when you get in, don't lock the door, okay?
Talk to you later, love you, bye)

You'se a grown-ass girl, mama got you on lock?
Can't be out your crib past 12 past clock?
Part of the game is that?
"I'm only 16" was what she relayed to that
(Oh shit!) My life faded to black
Picturin cell mates, my jaw fell straight
This bitch is jail bait, a high bail rate
My conscience said (Sail straight, listen to reason)
But this bitch grabbed my dick again, lickin and squeezin
Grippin and breathin, heavy like she runnin a race
So the emotions goin numb in my face
Slow the pace, resume to givin me head
( ? ) relaxin me patient
F*ck it, she 'bout to have me goin out like Anthony Mason
Shit, I know what I'm facin if I get caught with my cock in this
But I keep it monogamous, look, I ain't stoppin shit

[Cop 1]
Alright Bubba, I think this is the house right here
[Cop 2]
Yeah, that's where this nigger lives, let's get him
[Cop 1]
Yeah, you J-Zone?
Yeah, I'm J-Zone, what's up, what you need?
[Cop 1]
Okay buddy, I want you to come down to the station
You're under arrest
What for, what did I do?
[Cop 1]
Anything you say or do...
What did I do?
[Cop 1]
No, no, no
No you're under arrest
[Cop 2]
You want me to Rodney King him?
What are you takin me in for?
[Cop 1]
No, no, no
Yo, what's the charges?
[Cop 1]
Sleeping with a underaged girl is the crime
That's right, that's right
Underaged? But that girl was like 24
What the f*ck you talkin about?
Come on man
Ain't that a bitch
F*ck a jail bait

Yeah, to all my fellas
I don't care if she has a ass big as Jennifer Lopez
Titties like Dolly Parton and walks with a caine
Ask for a birth certificate, goddammit

(You're old enough to know how and young enough to learn new tricks)
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