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County Check Pimpin Lyrics
[Sampled talking]
-I love you!
-Hehehehe, that don't do nothin for me...I gots to have more then that
-Name it

-Damn, you sexy son of a bitch, what's your name?
(This shit's gon' cost you some mother f*ckin money)
-They call me Captain Backslap.
(This shit's gon' cost you some mother f*ckin money)
-That's your Cadillac outside?
(This shit's gon' cost you some mother f*ckin money)
-You god damn right, but if you think you're riding for free I
hope you brought your cross trainers.
(I need some money. I need some money. I need some money)
-Oh really? So when are we gonna hook up?
(This shit's gon' cost you some mother f*ckin money)
-Look sexy, I reverse the game. You wanna get with me you better
make a donation cause I don't f*ck for free. You can get some
strokin as long as your purse stays open. So pay me!
(This shit's gon' cost you some mother f*ckin money)
-Pay you?
(I need some money. I need some money.)

Chicks think I'm that only out for head? Obscene
Backslap bitch, I'm in it for the federal green
Cause I only date broads makin more than 50 grand a year
Bitch I stay rich, cause I'm hung like a chandelier
I used to sweat girls (what), just to get some action
But now a chicks welfare check I'll be cashin
Backslap reverse the game, miss [I] run your purse
Secretary, stripper, nun, or nurse
I never go broke, I go dutch, feelin it?
I charge by the stroke when I f*ck, period
She rich, but I didn't date cutie for the ass
And if I drive you nuts pay me money for the gas (Whooo)

-When the hell are you gonna F*CK me?
-The money, when do I get it, the money?
-Hey daddy, wanna buy me a coupla beers?

Bitch, I'm tryin to get a Caddy in a coupla years

I sell dick like Avon and take no crap
Wanna date me, then make my bank roll fat
Girls linin up to give me the ass
But I don't do shit until you show me the cash (Hit the high notes)
Girls wanna f*ck with me? (Whooo)
Backslap don't f*ck for free (Oh no)

-I-I love you
F*ck you, pay me!
-I know you can't wait to get your hands on the money

I knew this bad ass ho (Whooo)
But she wouldn't give me no dough
So I cut the bitch off (Good-bye)
Chickenheads hate me cause I'm cheap as f*ck
Either pay me or turn up your beak and cluck (Cluck, cluck)
I need a new mink, I need gas in the hooptie
I need to do a show, and bag me a groupie
Now she can assume, that I think with my dick
Catch her slippin, get her drunk, and take her spinach and dip
F*ck it
I date Oprah, my wallets lookin crazy slim
F*ck the Holiday Inn, take me to the ATM
Fellas pay gold-diggers (What) No hope
I date 6 digit figure women leavin 'em broke
I never worked, a god damn day in my life
Just County Check Pimpin I wouldn't pay for my wife
I date girls that are 5'3 weighin 3 and change (Yuck)
As long as when I'm done the bitch pay me 3 and change
Mo' cash in the bank and I never had a job
I'd rather get in your purse then see your head bob


Just sing it like Luther baby
Now c'mon and break it down for the County Check Pimps one more time
Like this

(He's a pimp, got it?)
A-L Shid
(He's a pimp, got it?)
That cat Dick $tallion
(He's a pimp, got it?)
DJ Contakt
(He's a pimp, got it?)

Uh, Christina Aguilera
(I own the bitch)
Uh, every other female pop singer
(I own the bitch)
What about your wife?
(I own the bitch)
What about your sister?
(I own the bitch)

-Will you, will you not give me that money?
-No, not one cent. Not one cent of the money do you get while I'm alive
If you want anymore money, you've got to go to work
-My ass, tastes full of shit.
-Won't work and never will. All I do is rest and dress, put his mamma
on the corner and she'll do the rest.
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