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Catch 22 Lyrics
(feat. Huggy Bear)

another day
another f*cked up situation
how did I get myself up in this shit
oh my name?
shit, let me tell you a story hold up

My name is Dan Quayle but on the low that's the alias
You see I'm on the run cause I could go to jail for this
crime I committed not worthy of forgiveness
In a snaffoo dealin with this young missuss
Met her at a party both a hundred proof plastered
Easy to game, I tapped it
Even when we came back sober
Every other week I stopped over but I went out like a rover
Cause I never pulled the sheet over my meat
Raw dog like a sushi dish word to the crucifix
Pullin out quick in the mix ain't save me
Phone call 2am "I'm havin your baby"
"enough to make a nigga go craazy"
She trapped me
As for college ain't no help from Pataki
cause with a kid I ain't makin no deposits
And the mr __?__ hangin from the closet
Nah those keep the wrinkles out the shirt that she gave me
No abortion? f*ck that I'm goin for the baby
"man you goin to hell"
with a gasoline bomber
Laugh at everytime in my life I seen drama
And I hear my kid call my name daily "daddy"
Now I'm on the run from the law cause if they bag me
Her pops is big time in the prison
"phone check fool"
Her brother is a ex marine sleepin with a tek machine
Thinkin with the cock missile had to go and risk it
Now I got a family after me with biscuits
and dyin of my conscious god damn it's the worst
Just a matter of time so my mother bought a hearst
I'm in the middle of some shit, Damn

"a very difficult situation"

"you done f*cked up you know that don't you? you know what I'm sayin"
"I said, I, no. I, I thought"
"I'm sayin that you done f*cked up now you know that don't you? hehe"
"ah uh..yeah.. I"
"you know you done f*cked up don't you"
"you know it don't you hehe. you know you done f*cked up?"

"I'm through"
"tell me what the f*ck I'm supposed to do"

Give up on life, break north and sniff glue
Just don't know

[Huggy Bear]
I woke up bright & early just to see my PO
He took my pee from me asked me am I working? said no
Said I had 1 week to find employment or he'll violate me
Convict of a felony with a criminal justice degree that's my irony
By the 7th interview of the week I'm feeling bleak
Beggin just to shovel shit in heaps
but when you check yes on the application to the felon question
got a better chance of finding work in Nicaragua during a depression
Hopped on a bus cause my license is suspended
Missed my next interview, the bus got rear ended
This bitch started givin birth
Told her count to 10 in reverse, I watch ER
that shit didn't work
I'm at the employment agency with the vagrants
lookin for some f*cking type of vacancy
Step up to the desk the clerk says "let me see, do you have skills?
Do you know word perfect? do you know Lotus?"
um... no ma'am but I know Otis
Dismissed quick, my situation's lookin hopeless
Tried out at ChipNDale's as a stripper
they told me "Drink some Creatine and come back next year thicker"
Now if I don't find work they will send me up the river
Can't even landscape it's the dead of winter
Even got this by pack marked in the Foodmart
Huggy Bear can't even get work as a random shopping cart
7 days and nights slavin, skippin to probation
The PO asked me what is my vocation?
Pulled out a cassette tape and smacked him in the face with it
I'm employed by the Craft Connection and f*ck you
Called up Adub for copies of my check stubs
By the way this ridiculous probation shit is through
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