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Candy Razors Lyrics
(feat. Huggy Bear & Risin' Sons (Kobayashi & Trip))

[Intro: Speech of Roosevelt]
"Here is the challenge to our democracy
in this nation I see tens of billions of its citizens
a substantial part of its whole population
who at this very moment are denied the greater part
of what the very lowest standards of today
call the necessities of life"

[Verse 1: Huggy Bear]
Explaining plans saving camps you raining on tobacco plants
Secret handshakes playing in-intential avalanche
Spreading AIDS, ISC's, I see a f*cking tendency's
F*cking shit up overseas the pope's staring down on me
Do never mention enemy, in strike dependency
It's a multi plea fee, it's the Bildenburg comitee
International currency with my gold two plates some paper money
It's the metalic strip on your driver's license
Genetic science, it's a cross rebel defiance
Rare racial riots its control of the population
One world, no more nations, grow test creations
The eugenics debate, plans to make the perfect race
It's aristocratic, statik the means and outfit
Having chicks, Global Economics is the book I read
The sheik battled on Bagdad and ?alter all to turn up dead
It's the slave trade, drug rate, assasination state
Got me achieving chrome with little bald chemo sweets
The secret that I won't keep the mouth rebel treasure
Intelligence with avalanches, its earthquakes measured
Another Mason president with secret pieces of the crusifix
On the cruiseship to each of them two-thousand in public-housing
It's propaganda and I'm slick disguised as entertainer
Rated R a dappin sour, and set some ties to space ships
A nuclear device headed for Jupiter where network tv keeps her stupider
It's human spade a-nuded it's your baby's future
The I ensign the periment, the spy inside your crib

[Verse 2: Kobayashi]
Merely writin the cyber races I stay off in the space
My name my life to cut in place
From Mad Indela to her place
Cop it a floppy disc, she plays a game, her life at risk
Watch my foes be amiss around her mouth a secret date
F*ck the f*ck, the one and other, mix shit, I all my own big brother
The biggest player hater, keep three economic terminators
It's terminator flow at class and it's invisible sister Mekazz
Where the rich get richer meanwhile the poor just get their picture
In the local Times from murder 1 to petty crimes
Injust race climb to keep U-ban out of time
And out the light shines, infrared inspection of the mind
Contest, nonsense to tappin a line out of time
To drum a life of our numbs cause search to wards for gettin numb
As the market starts to plumb, I wonder where this world goes
So rise and time will expose how they try to keep hit
So be the knowledge got spittin on the world of store
They can't be whole without a war with revelations for more
Scan your card at the store, fingerprints to open a door
Easy pass so you can pass off eliminate cash
Keepin taps in your ass, everywhere you goes
Wipe your car, spillin virtual dough bought it in an attractive trackin
Cause aksin on the low I had to hack in
Results in encryptic codes crackin now we have no defense
And our backs against the fence a lá Prince
Computers so real that they can talk make kind a life in shock
The christian's is gettin dark *echos*

"It's believed that these changes are so subtle
that they have already begun taking effect and
the makings of a new sociable state
are in fact already among us"

[Verse 3: Trip]
Everybody flip a dollar over, scrutinizin'
See the truth realisin the Cyclops the object in the socket
That's tri-angular watch the Gang Starrs
Bangle presentangle strangle
Your computer data-basically it places a call with Armageddon
F*ck that I'ma get this cause it's armageddon, next tip let's get out of here
It's pride in here too many cats runnin around in here
Changin the currencies sent him around the sphere burnin eternally
Although you think it's 'ternal the globe is spinnin it's really controlled
By those who lead to mislead as tricknology gets led the mouse of microchips
And the fiver opt, tickin testin clock tickin plastic like cock when it's tickin
Christ it's feminin watch millenium watch it pendium cash freeze zero degrees
Like prime peridium pity slum and the citizens who wanna know
Y2K f*cked up they wanna know B-I-N-R-Y digital
Even though the environment is spies with higher lightin it
My mind is in daily types of pleasures I soak it all up
But I filter that I caught up and contest device with overlappin infractions
Made objections poppin the subtraction creatin a class that lacks action
Mold the world by what you tellin it meltin it swellin it
Watch all the dwellin it verbal relevant
Use verbal elements that confuse the rest ?lent
Of you intelligence you assumin that you can f*ck with the Illumen
But they sell a bit, secretly
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