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Juvenile Lyrics

U Don't Wanna Lyrics

What's up Playboy?
You know how we do this, Hot Boy$ and Big Tymers
Two rolex on our wrist,
And every car we ride in got TV's I know you love this here

[First Verse: Juvenile]

You can call me the Baby Don of the 'jects
You can call me what you what, but you call me collect,
You can call me the muthaf*cka cuz that's just what I am
When you call for the policeman, call for the ambulance,
Lildaddy we got'cha swooped, ha?
You got that iron but you too paranoid to shoot, ha?
You think you cute, ha?
Stuntin' Lildaddy will get'cha broke off
Automatic weapon up to your throat fall
Your witness won't survive to make it to court Dogg
Envision I'm still alive I play the sport y'all
You can't run the block without me interferin'
You can't open shop without my niggas hearin'
All the time, it be on my mind,
U.T.P. I represent until the day I resign,
Put my three fingers up and show my Solja sign
Let these muthaf*ckas know they clique ain't older than mine

[Chorus: Lil' Wayne]

Nigga it's that U.P.T., where we be all the time
You find big bodies and dead bodies all the time
Nigga I SWEAR, you don't wanna go there
And out THERE, and watch how fast yo chest tear
It's that U.P.T., where we be all the time
You find big bodies and dead bodies all the time
And nigga I SWEAR, you don't wanna go there
Nigga, out THERE, and watch how fast yo chest tear

[Second Verse: Lil' Wayne]

The second man tore up,
I grabbed the gun and got to bust prolly saw badder stuff,
But you ain't never saw what a man do when I splatter guts,
And you ever seen that many niggas in blacker trucks
Nigga just run stop act and duck,
Like in my K mane, it spray anyday mane,
I make way mane, that solja can't play Wayne,
Them say pimpin' ain't easy, but it gotta be done,
But headbustin' ain't cool, but they gotta be bust,
But wait, please don't debate, on what we would do
Cuz I don't even be wantin' to do what we would do
But, I swear it be them trees dogg,
It make me ride in all black clothes with solja rees dogg,
Please dogg, don't come test CMB dogg,
Cuz we all, burn ya block and will just flee all, I'm tellin' you
Don't spark up no problems 'fore your people be smellin' you
We strapped up with choppers and vehicles on twenty-twos


[Third Verse: Turk]

Uptown we burnin' thangs,
Get in a corner four deep with choppers we lettin' em rang,
Dippin' niggas like tokens no jokin' brains gone hang,
Gotta get it how they live, how they live better get it
Shit you kill or get killed,
It's an army Uptown, niggas bout bustin' heads,
You can't be no hoe, if you scared, say you scared
An untamed gorilla I ride anyday,
Let a nigga spook me, he spray, then I'ma spray
I'm a violent type nigga, creep at night nigga
F*ck with me, a nigga lose his life type nigga
F*ckin' right nigga that's how we do it Uptown
Nigga'll dump your body where it can't be found
Still playin' it raw, shit never gone change
Nigga outta place, knockin' out the bitch brains
Think it's a game? Nigga get'cha mind right now
Same thing make you smile, could turn into a frown


[Fourth Verse: Big Tymers]


Nigga I got love for the South,
But I'm an Uptown nigga with some golds in my mouth
With my twelve gauge automatic knock a lil' nigga down
So won't you bring me to your house round?
And I don't want no yay
I want your rolex and the money and a new lac,
So I could put your bitch, in my passenger sac,
Label me a gold grill brown-skin Mac,
And I'm hard up, rollin' with gorillas and killas,
Tattooed and we hard up dope dealin',
And if I catch ya down bad I'ma rearrange ya head nigga
Cuz I'm a Big Tymer just won't stop,
I took my helicopter to Texas, so my family could shop
Cuz I'ma ball til' I fall that's my motto nigga,
Shop til' I drop that's my thang nigga
And I'ma drank til' my muthaf*ckin' heart stop,
Kill or be killed nigga pop or get popped nigga

[Manny Fresh]

Black Ruger PLUCKA
Dirty muthaF*CKA
It's been twenty-four hours since the last time I STUCK A
Sixteen round burst, BLUCKA BLUCKA
Dead up in a shiesty nigga go-go,
You bitches better call a po-po,
It's a filthy ass, funky ass, bout to act a donkey ass caller nigga that don't
Know no fear, worry, or panic
Tonight it's goin' down like the Titanic, understand it?
Now why would you come empty handed to a gun fight?
It's a slight chance that your ass just might, make it,
to hear the record come out
What's wrong you can't talk with a barrel up in your muthaf*ckin' mouth?
See niggas don't fight no more, all they do is burst
I'm the Doctor, who gonna play the patient and get they shots first?


[Lil' Wayne]

Madness nigga, madness nigga
Madness in the Nolia and the Lio and the ramp man, it's in the 17th man
It's in my camp
Madness in the Nolia and the Lio and the ramp man, it's in the 17th man
It's in my camp, Uptown nigga what
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