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That's How It Be Happenin Lyrics
That's How It Be Happenin'
That's How It Be Happenin'
That's How It Be Happenin'
That's How It Be Happenin'

Now dis fool name of Terrel
Seems he was doin' swell
Over tha years where he sell
was betta than clientele
my niggas was gettin' big
he slung eva since a kid
and always got glamour rides for all of tha shit he did
he had a bad attitude
nigga selfish and rude
one day he got in a fight in gloom and he gone killed a dude
thats when A.T.F. got hot
surveillance up on tha block
they knew he was runnin' shop
but dis nigga wouldn't stop
terrel was a knucklehead
he said mothaf*ck a fed
look come if you wanna come and off with you bitches head
surely dem people came
git down on yo face and hand
they took tha dope and choked terrel wit a rope man
he thought he would go to jail
5-0 took tha bitch to hell
they took tha dope and said he got crossed in drug sale

that's how it be happenin'
that's how it be happenin'
i tried to warn my nigga but dem people but they snatched him
that's how it be happenin'
that's how it be happenin'
i tried to warn my nigga but dem people but they snatched him

tha next one is sharolin
addicted to heroin
gave birth to her son at 15 and now she scared of him
look he was a balla' so
that made her a stupid ho
i heard he sold his dope out a house in the caliope
stung her for much furl
then shot it up his arm
dat dope busst her heart and thats how sharolin left the world
now guess what her son use
he snorted boy(heroin) too
he robbed some nigga dat brung drama to his whole crew
dat multiplied enemies
one of em' slangin' keys
and they got boys who got boys that strapped with artillery's
now he done on his knees
beggin' lord help me please
dat nite he got on dat dope and went out he was off his knees
walkin' without a gun
they caught him roun' hit and run
pulled out dat Tommy gun
knockin' holes in his f*ckin' lung


nigga done throwed the cross
and the boss
be the nigga steped on
so he hired 5 killas that snort up that heroin
to keep his self from being affected
whoeva mentioned his name got they head-bust on next shit
that next hit
he sent was up in the 2nd line
dat lexus pulled up shells started flyin
people started runnin' and cryin' lyin'
in tha street was tha one that they came for
bystanders got hit up so a kid in this drug war
that was five
so she couldn't survive
homicides said where they at
it happenin' on our side
but in dem' killas' eyes, they on dat dope so it ain't nothin
reincarnation is the subject of that discussion
shit somebody snitch dem people found tha location
caught 2 out of tha 5 tha they got me down at tha station
boss man say f*ck dem niggas and show nuts
one of dem niggas snitch one of dem nigga hush
now tha boss gotta pack up shop and leave town
cuz dem niggas that he know upstate a shank him down


he's mad cuz we bumped him
my nigga jeff they jumped him
i know one of dem niggas and when i catch em i'm gon' stump him
look aw dis heart hea' don't pump no pussy
i'll be forced to do something real bad if you try and push me
i went to see my nigga zoe but he told me "ain't nothin"
i say man dis long way i came in wit somethin'
he came out wit one i say what is these called silver-sacks
he told me no stupid-ass
we call dem my nickel bags
i bus one up wit him cuz he my nagua
at two in the mornin' some niggas was standin' beside us
one of dem niggas had a glock i heard him cock it
he told us shat the f*ck up and empty out cho' pockets
i droped it
they grabbed it and got ghosted and layed low
that jackin' happend so fast it f*cked up my head zoe

juvenile talkin......
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