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Juvenile Lyrics

Off Top Lyrics
Wodie we get down but to a certain extent
All that cha shoin' with them hoes be gettin my name bent
I'm showin' you love but I love my money even mo
Disrespect me or play me off the top you gotta go
My people played me, we ain't getting down no more
Look that aint how its 'posed to be but thats the way its gone go
I aint with that front shit
That playin' with gun shit
That f*ckin' with niggas who think they run shit
All that tongue shit
When my gun click, niggas silencing down
You was hollin' like a motherf*cker bitch holla at me now
Peep, what made a nigga wanna go and mess with me bone
And he gettin' on my nerves, I'm bout to go in his home
Bitch my brother aint no hoe
Bitch my mother aint no hoe
Bitch my father aint no hoe
Why you try ta play me like a hoe
Shit, I might as well just go head on and bust his head
Cuz them people gone give me the charge anyway
If he come up dead
Now tell'em bout that beemer I got
Tell'em bout that new home I got
Tell'em bout that Cutlass on chrome I got
You ta show ya shit
Thats why you showed you was a bitch
Now you runnin with yo melon cuz you know you gone get it split

Niggas ridin' impala's with them rattler stripes
Passin' hollin at hoes with the f*ck finger sayin f*ck'em black
I'm stackin' Gs movin keys thats my life black
Niggas orderin' vests
Just ta protect they chests
And duckin' these niggas tryin ta use they smith-n-wessons
Playboy, I'm ridin' in suburbans
To Land Rovers to Range Rovers, niggas with automatics
Niggas ridin' big bodies I done did that
I'm ridin' jags drop top and I can do that
I'm lettin' these hoes hair blow if they got that
I don't f*ck with bald head hoes I aint with that
I talk shit and I got the cream and the jewels to do that
I walk it like I talk playboy you can believe that
The new ice, yellow diamonds and I'm loving that
Blue diamonds Big Tymin and I'm with that
I done made more money independent than a major nigga went gold
I put that on my soul and my gold
And my 20 inch rims on my Range Rover with TVs
And I'm lovin' these hoes I flip mo keys
than a acrobat ten nigga you can believe that
Me and my brother go rock for rock
Walk block for block
And if we got beef with a nigga we'll go glock for glock
No mo sellin' keys on the d.l.
I wanna holla at v.l.
Lets say rest in peace to L and T nigga

[Manny Fresh]
I live my life on full
Unzip my pants and I pull
A big dick baby
You look sick maybe
You can use a nigga that'll hold ya hand
I tell ya what ya suck my dick I'll be your man
Now here it is diamonds for the bithces that I f*ck
Not , I get the pussy make like donald and duck
To the next project scattered site or crib
Slangin' dick where you live
I don't really give, a precious second of my pimp playa time
You can taste the kool-aid but don't drink the wine
Holy Roley diamond bezel, 20 inch whezel
98 cromed out gangsta grizeal
Take one of my bitches and I'm f*ckin
Sistas anties grandmas and cousins
Mommas baby mommas family members and all that shit
If the bitch need guidance them I'm her pimp

[Manny Fresh]
Whoa check this out ya dig
Its a lot of niggas out here baller blockin
see what I'm sayin' standin' in the way
let the f*ckin' ballas through see what I'm sayin
ya'll niggas had the catalogs
see what I'm sayin' now pass that bitch on man
let a real nigga you know play his thang man
its some niggas out here ridin' on 20s ya dig on yokahamas
skinnys and all that kinda shit see what I'm sayin'
I mean wood ever f*ckin where
See what I'm sayin' bro you love that huh.

[Juve] Yeah I love that
[Manny] Convertable tops
[Juve] I love that Cash Money symbol on my chest
and these diamonds shinin' from here to Magnolia Projects
Ya heard me?
[Manny] That's what I'm talkin' bout man aint nothin' like man,
Cause you know sometimes I let these lil girls
lick my chains man you know
You can't be kissin on me but you can kiss my diamonds
and shit aint nothin' wrong with that that's beautiful baby
That is truly beautiful
This shit is pimpalicious see what I'm sayin
[Juve] I just love that
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