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Juvenile Lyrics

Loose Booty Lyrics
[Chorus: Juvenile]
She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty
Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty
She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty
Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty

I ain't tryin to be stuck all in the corner and locked up
Tongue-kissin a hoe a nigga know she a doctor
Hoe can make a nigga think she a queen
She standin there smellin like potpourri I bet she stank in them jeans
Need to shake it, wash it, rinse it, squeeze it and douche it
Call a time-out, freeze AT EASE that pussy
They comin out the woodworks, ain't no pride
They don't get tired, play they vibe and they'll shake it 'til they foot hurt
Say she dressin for time, she got a lot of that
She ain't no nickel and dime, she got a dollar back
When she step her ass bounce two times
The wobble wobble make it hard for her to walk straight lines
Gotta add the soldiers on when you standin behind her
You might get stuck in there and need a camera to find her
Gotta hold ON to them handlebars, cause you don't want that broad
goin tellin your dawgs you got handled boy!

[Chorus - 2X]

You make a nigga wanna pay for that pussy hoe
Stand it up and make you get up on your tiptoes
Play with love man, kiss it baby watch him grow
Don't run your mouth about it, momma try to keep it low
Let's get a room somewhere deep on the outskirts
Give me head 'til yo muh'f*ckin mouth hurts
Go tell your friends 'bout the suite up at the W
About the view and all the freaky shit I done to you
Now when she see me when you're not around
She be in my face, tryin to see what I'm about
Here take my number, maybe you can take me out
Take you somewhere and put some dick up in your mouth
I remember when you bitches wasn't so nice
Before the rings and the watches got a coat of ice
Same nigga, different day, we forever say
Money over bitches, U.T.P., Eight way

[Chorus - 2X]

Oh I like the way you move it to the right girl
No I like the way you shake it to the left girl
No I like it when you bend it, when you step girl
Now, touch your toes while you hold your breath girl!
And I ain't come here to ruin your night
I'm tryin to put somethin new in your life!
Just by doin you right, we can go somewhere for two if you like
Use the stars and the moon for the light, cause you movin it right
Why? I'm really tryin to do you tonight (right now)
If you dyke, bring your crew if you like!
If any um booty is like, your booty is like
Call your whole crew booty delight, we make it "Nolia Clap"
Don't hold it back, touch the flo' with that
I got a heart attack, your booty causin cataract
I can't even stay on it, look I keep on fallin back!
My momma always told me Skip don't ever fall for that!

[Chorus - 2X]
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