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It Ain't Mines Lyrics
[Chorus 2x]
Now I don't why you be acting all shady
I only want to hit, not to make you my old lady
So don't be telling me nothing about no babies
You trying to give me a charge you must be crazy

I don't know why you making people think I got you swell
You better quit it before one of my bitches pop you hoe
I know your baby daddy he ain't got no flow
You may be into playing games but its gone stop here though
You want more than a f*ck, you just trying to tie a nigga up
Like my last bitch, I blew a lot of money on her
I met her, fast pace, lil mama hard for me to slow down
Why the sad face after the results come around?
You want a nigga to play daddy? Should have asked me
I would have gladly told you that I have me
When you met me you told me you wanted a gangsta to hit
Without the wisdom of knowing I'm off the chain with this shit
Now your feelings done got involved and you ain't glad with a f*ck
And you wonder why all the players keep on passing you up
Look Juve ain't going through that old Billie Jean shit
I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this


You got a fat ass, your chest right, and you dress right
But would I f*ck without a rubber? You're thinking I just might
Trying to get an easy pay off, you're fighting for a wild card bitch
But I'm in the playoffs, you be scheming all day, hoe take a day off
Find another target this one you need to stay off
Your looking for a reputation - I'ma give ya one
Don't be trying to give me a charge - nothing a nigga done
As far as I'm concerned that baby can be for anyone
Not til you entered the party there wasn't any fun
It's not me it's the attention I draw
To make these bitches fill out paper work and lie to the law
It's obvious she want to ride in the driver's seat of my car
Taking the lotteries to get some properties from a star
Look Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit
I ain't gone late you put your babies on me I mean this


They be like look at his lips, look at her eyes and her ears
Mama said "If I don't approve it, the baby not his"
She said she not gone keep letting yall crowd her baby with kids
Keep playing mama said she saw 380 ya did
I saw the grin on your face the moment I saw you in court
Wish I would have saw your face when the test was exposed
This ain't your first time you done did before
Your not even gonna have a vagina no more
You're making accusations you ain't sure bout
You had a chance to be a queen but still you chose to whore out
Don't even speak you ain't no friend cause you an enemy now
Niggaz knowing you ain't the hoe you pretend to me now
You done caught a maybe-baby, move you're whoring and drama
You needs to try to focus on your daughter lil mama
Look cause Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit
I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this

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