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Juvenile Lyrics

Get Your Hustle On Lyrics
Fa sho' nigga, off top
Believe this playboy, fa sho' nigga

I'm the #1 stunna, don't flinch you bitch
I cash in quick and go and flash my 6
Twenty inch dub niggaz how you love that bitch?
20 ki's or hard blocks, we call them bricks
I'm a Uptown survivor, niggaz stash the lick
Just bought a new Beemer, X-5 the bitch
Puttin dubs with a kit nigga, flash yo' shit
Puttin ice in my grill, f*ck a classy bitch
I'm a Uptown thug, can't you see that shit?
I'm around the way hunt for quarter ki's and bricks
You can catch me at the club with a ghetto bitch
Or you can see me at my mansion with a nasty bitch
Flat screen, loud music, me and Fresh a bitch
Pullin out the driveway with new cars and shit
Palm trees feelin good nigga we love this shit
Watchin ducks nigga bucks, but hold up bitch

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]
Let me get my hustle on, nigga all for Nol'
Let me make a hundred mill', nigga slow but sho'
Let me spin my new wheels in front yo' do'
Let me hit the battlefield nigga slangin snow

I wonder why niggaz always be doin stupid shit
No sense involved at all, it's foolishness
Now if a nigga take it and somebody hit yo' stash
is you goin to bust his ass or are you gonna let that pass?
Besides, it only was a bundle of dough
You a hustler nigga, you know how to get you some mo'
Just tighten up yo' circle and surveillance your spot
If you catch a nigga touchin somethin, he gettin got
Now carry on with whatcha doin 'fore the people get hot
Leave them hoes alone cause they the reason we gettin got
If you owe a nigga pay him they be holdin a grudge
He don't want to take a loss but he'll take it in blood
Make sure fiends don't pass, make all the cash
Big fired bags and floss on they ass
I've been through some shit, that make me a survivalist
I may be a lot of different things, but I'm not a bitch


But anyway, I'm not the subject of the matter
All y'all bitch ass niggaz I'm comin after
Cause the minute that I start slippin
Look at who is gon' be tryin to get in my position, niggaz is grimin
But what they don't know, I got some killers that's behind me
I used to pull it off way back in the early 90's
If any one of y'all wanna do it we can do it
Don't hold it on your chest dog, don't be pumpin fluid

[Mannie Fresh]
I'm a Uptown hunter on Washington 6th
Set the line goin down (?) a bitch
They got that iron Uptown and they slangin it quick
Valence is my home, I'ma rep 'til I'm gone
Valence and Magnolia, but Greyhead roam
Magnolia Projects is where I set my roam
Saratoga and (?), I call my home
Ran through the Melphamine(?), nigga I did that shit


[ad libs to fade]
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