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Juvenile Lyrics

Follow Me Now Lyrics
I want me a mill
To see just how it feel
No worries bout no bills, negotiating deals
Buy me some shit
Stuntin' in this bitch
20s be on hit
Everything legit
I don't want no war
But I can take it far
Put bullets in your car, whoever that you are
Woodie get in line
Make sure you aint gone shine
We be slangin iron
Everyday and everytime
Just because I'ma bad
I rammy after jags
When I get a sack
To niggas I'ma threat
Keep on gettin' blowed
Aint worried bout these hoes
Boy you know thats cold
The way I got'em drove
Shinin' like white diamonds
Nothin' but big tymin
My situation climbing
But simply cuz I'm rhymin'
The shit done hit the fan
They callin' me the man
Ya'll boys don't understand
This shit's going as planned

Now follow me now if you want it on
Salute at ease, then you carry on
Nigga drop and gimme 50 if you do it wrong
I'm into weapons I control the dome

Give me all my chesse
With no static please
Go off with these reeds
In between your knees
You playin' you gone learn
Yo partners aint gone turn
Right after you get burned
We gone get them some churn
I'ma tell you once
I'm bout pullin' stunts
Got golds on my fronts
Stay full of them blunts
I don't want be broke
I gotta feed my folks
Cuttin' niggas throats
Then runnin' by these hoes
Open up yo chase
Let me get a taste
A lot of niggas fake
Can't let it go to waste
I wont let it be
Give that there to me
All of ya'll gone see
Me in luxury
Look me in my eyes
Don't tell me no lies
You wanna take my life
You tryin' to get some trife
None of you I fear
I'm runnin' this right chea
Aint gone shed no tears
When you disappear


I try to leave that lone
But you did that wrong
You call me on the phone
And told me it was on
Now I'm in them streets
Bringin' all that heat
Straight to where you sleep
Won't even let you eat
Somebody gonna snitch
And go out like a bitch
But I'ma get'em quick
And hit'em with my shit
Them laws gonna try to bust
But I don't give a f*ck
He would of shot me up
If he'd of got me stuck
I'ma take my charge
Aint cryin' like no broad
And holla at them boys
On the boulevard
Woodie I'm in jail
Get all off my mail
See about my bail
Get me out this hell
So I can see the block
And open up my shop
I hope that bitch aint hot
Nobody got my spot
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