Juvenile - All About Money Lyrics

Juvenile Lyrics

All About Money Lyrics
Aww shit!, this one of them Juvenile
In-Ya-Ass productions hot, hot
shit on the press nigga

[Verse 1:Juvenile]
I know I'm hard to adapt to when I grab you
don't make me mad I will slap you if I have to
I ain't looking for marriage don't wanna be embarresed
all I want is a bag, full of green cabbage
they know its happenin you can tell how I dress
throwbacks everyday like somethin brown on the chest
if I got enemies them cats be thuggin not sayin nothing
me and my niggas'll pull it and buck it
and when my song play in the club I'm grabbin on ass
hope my ole lady don't find out cause I'm doing her bad
hey baby slide me ya number I might be on lean
later on if you just chillin I'm a make that swing
I bring shit to the table when I come of course
could be the reason while most these bitches done divorced
he never had time and wasn't treatin her right
he runnin with the click so she with me tonight

[Chorus x2]
Do you think its all about money
is that the only reason that you want me
just put your name and ya number on a napkin
and later we can find out whats happenin

[Verse 2:Skip]
Where that chick, need super head
I need super head, I'm a super
I need super duper head
you bout to listen to what who said?
ya partna, be calm, be cool I got ya
just write ya number on a napkin
we can get it crackin what I aint yo type?
whats really happenin
like its not been official
don't miss the riddle money is definatly not the issue
we can ball out like crawfish
lay up all day and watch[???]
tell your friends you gonna call them
you tired been at work all day and you going in
and we can do it like G
roll me some weed, drop the top we gon' cruise on the scene
so whassup you f*ckin with me?
its nothing to me, and some sex its something to see

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:Lil' Flip]
I don't go to clubs unless they got a party there
plus I got X's and O's in my cardier
nigga I'm the shit I'm filthy rich
my car like a jheri curl cause it come wit a kit
I can front you a hit or drop you a brick
and if you saw where I lived you'd probably shit
enough about me well lets talk about my click
and rule one is never get into it over a bitch
but that's how it go its all about makin mo dough
sellin mo records, and blowin mo dro'
throwback jerseys and iced out chains
my piece so rocked up niggas think I'm on caine
but I only sip drank and I use to flip birds
now I'm 21, 22 rippin curbs
and if you got some hoes nigga bring e'm in
cause Flip and Juvie f*ck e'm all like Wilt Chamberliegn

[Chorus till end]
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