Jus Allah - Reign Of The Lord Lyrics

Jus Allah Lyrics

Reign Of The Lord Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
I am pure darkness, sparkless
Glitterles, imageless
But still infinitly limitless
Pre-Genesis before man
I crawled the land before all you know, even began
I think thoughts untranslated, among greated
My first rhyme had no words to say it
Force of the immaculate
You only exist cause I imagined it, you slit your wrist upon fathoming it
Accurate intellect, the way that my brain tilts my neck
Obeying the will, I select
My face so dark, that it doesn't reflect
The beast in me only awakes at sunset
My life has no connect, of hoping it
The blood I drink, has extra pulp in it
I spit rhymes in the graveyard of my block
I get a rush hearing niggaz beat, the coffin tops
I grow my own trees in the woods I'm from
I need branches to leave niggaz hung
I'm running out of higher density
So the gun on my waste, is the only thing holding me from floating into space

[Chorus x2: Jus Allah]
The reign of the lord will snatch your....off
Leaving you looking permanently slow, like your eyes's a cross
Jus Allah stays calm and peace like
Depending what the beat's like I may act beast-like

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
I'm motherf*cking faithless, aitheist
Racist, faceless, ageless, shapeless
Mind elevates into stages I'm weightless
Spies shake when they in the wake of greatness
An animal, you're more afraid of me, than I am of you
Black canibal, untangable
A great mind, created divine by satan's design
Snake's spine, devil's frankenstein
You think it's just simple words get your temple searched
Get your mental purged knock the life out your central nerves
it ain't a death I don't deserve, it ain't even a fit punishment for me to serve
My only need is l's to cook, I only read spell books
I decorate my room to imitate how hell looks
A bad lurkin, a street of mad vermin'
The light don't pass between the black curtains
Friendless, supremmesus, innerless
Mankind arch nemesis, spiritless, murderin' from night 'till morn'
I'm at sleep 'till the first f*cking sights of dawn


[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
I want the worst death man can feel
I ground metal cans in my meals
I swallowed the pills without seals
Shit is real for a bill, for a mill
Tryin' to civilize devilish men from Israel
That's my job, as the father of god
Overcomin' obstacles with impossible odds
Paradise lost, caveman kidnapped the stars, and tryin to move us back to Mars
Blind of our actual cause
but even the (??) doctor still see black as allah
I made the 1st laws on this worthless ball
If I ever left the earth, then the birds would fall
I'm the god, I move by the will of allah
I'm protected from the rain by a ceiling of straw
Reading pages telepathically
My watch operates with dead batteries
The wake inside my own head baffles me
Gumar astubar's masterpiece black as my sheep
He who feed's not having to eat

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