Jus Allah - Hell Razors Lyrics

Jus Allah Lyrics

Hell Razors Lyrics
(feat. Evil Dead)

[Jus Allah]
Blood, death, sex and crimes
Reminds me of some of my most memorable times
Stand placed, those were the good ol' days
Ain't shit changed, still maintain my old ways
Upgrade, livin' like kings, gettin' nice things
Build and destroy, everything live brings
Killin' for sport, niggaz ain't as real as I thought
I'm just angry, lot of hate still in my heart
Playin' my part, rhymes like Christ is dark
One dart, and the crisis starts
We stumble amongst the path, that the righteous walk
You not worthy of the math, that the science is taught
Peep the system, with the wisdom, even if you cause friction
Give a f*ck, main focus is Allah's mission
Take your cross off, ask for forgiveness
First can't prove, God, the man witness

[Evil Dead]
Got an L, kid, nah, cool if you dig
Buildin' off the two, show and prove when I spit
Buddha fist, tell the truth, school is a bid
A tool to condition, how we choose to live
Use the shit, the jewel, leave 'em, fools should get
Death don't apply, still we fuse to get
It's ludicrous, who would of thought the shoes'll fit
Feed 'em food for thought, before I chew these kids
Ya'll left Kathy, but y'all can't approach Sally
Frankie had a black with cats in back allies
Black gats strapped to the barney
I be god damn if the man won't buy me
Shots of Bacardi, splash of coffee
Seven in the morning, going to crash the party
Probably blowing lines of oxy
Allah U Akbar, for my mind and body

[samples scratched up]

[Evil Dead]
Spit science, eyes of a mystic spell
Playin' God, with crimes like Christmas carols
Shit's terrible, but the blind get hit with arrows
Pickin' off the hero's, like fish in the barrel
Spit parables, compared with the knowledge of devils
Each claim me, now I'mma feel lost in hell
Spark the L, clearly I don't want y'all help
Look up in the mirror, I saw God himself
We rock well, we will never bow to your king
With corpse selling, I knock at any coward who sings
Court cases, got me coming back with more things
Died and went to court, for what I got in my northface
Short changed, faith in every word Allah sing
For all dame, call at all events, I foreseen
Clouded up your head like morphine
Raw to the core, your brain absorbs the lost links

[Jus Allah]
Allah, father or lord, with sharpened sword
First cry, hit the redbull's eye in the dartboard
Leave when motherf*ckers playin' harps and chords
Fatal scars, this year we taking ours
Even if it's taking food out your baby jaws
License to God, giving all praise to Allah, my favorite part
F*ck y'all, your CD's collect dust balls
Kill you niggaz today, before the sun falls
This is where I thrive, trynna revive the crime
Proof real niggaz get they lie
This no motherf*ckin' image, balance the limits
Infinite, no start for a f*ckin' finish
Niggaz nowhere involved in God's business
Best friends with the least to f*ck with star witness
Motherf*ckers deserve they ugly ass heads spinning
Only good f*ck the devils, is a dead man

[samples scratched up]
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