Jus Allah - Divide & Conquer Lyrics

Jus Allah Lyrics

Divide & Conquer Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jus Allah AKA Megatraum]
I am pure darkness, sparkless
Glitterles, imageless
But still infinitly limitless
Pre-Genesis before man
I crawled the land before all you know, even began
I think thoughts untranslated, among greated
My first rhyme had no words to say it
Force of the immaculate
You only exist cause I imagined it and slit your wrist upon fathoming it
Accurate intellect, the way that my brain tilts my neck
Obeying the will, I select
My face so dark, that it doesn't reflect
The beast in me only awakes at sunset
My life has no connect, of hoping it
The blood I drink, has extra pulp in it
I spit rhymes in the graveyard of my block
I get a rush hearing them beat, the coffin tops
I grow my own trees in the woods I'm from
I need branches to leavy niggaz hung
I'm running out of higher density
So the gun on my waste, is the only thing holding me from floating into space

[Chorus x4]
Dividers, conquerers and rought night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
The black man spelled the word:science
The caveman was overwhelmed by it
Made himself deny it
Thought his tricknowedly lies
Kept us quiet
You can't hide the power inside, of the giant
Divine my physical eyes work independent in my mind
I read two pages at a time
Don't believe in prayers
I don't even breathe the same air
My heart don't need the same care
I never have trees to share
Cause I know passing weed to me is like f*cking feeding the bears
We everlastin'beyond grasping
Mad man unexpressive of emotion, or compassion
Your girl f*cked me fully aware in the action the germ I would pass to her had no vaccine
You a 'has-been', can't kill me, I'm guilty
I am what was then, I was what will be
I have clear skin, my soul face grew
It ain't a man brave enough to
I wear fur-couts to the zoo
I ain't rich but I keep a bitch's throat roped in blue

[Chorus x4]
Dividers, conquerers and rought night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[Verse 3: Jus Allah]
My brainwaves shatter faces
Crack wrists, watch faces
Strong enough to switch the direction the clock paces
You hopeless, from a slave to a modern-day mozes
The oldest, my body gets off, the case closes
Release agression, explode like automic weapon
I go into deep spells of demonic possesion
Gave the devil my rhyme book, just to read through
He hid it in his safe that he swallowed the keys to
Said:'Megatraum' I have nothing to teach you
There's no plauge or harm to man more deceitfull
Than a lost breed of evil
F*cking monsterous niggaz, trade to kill inside their subconcious
Taken what's promised, derived from skies and comets
Accomplish, prophecies of Muhammed
I overpower shit, f*ck the hater and the doubter shit
Chop of the top of your skull, drink out of it
Cowardly bitch I hear death in the wind
Notify next of kin, best of friends
Your limbs are lobbed off, by the Megatraum's axe
Forced to wack their own severed arms to catch

[Chorus x4]
Dividers, conquerers and rought night stalkers
Monsters, pray amongst the upright walkers

[outro: Jus Allah AKA Megatraum]
Yo it's Megatraum stupid motherf*ckers yo
Yanomsayin? Moanin motherf*cker, yo
Jedi Mind Tricks nigga
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