Jurassic 5 - Remember His Name Lyrics

Jurassic 5 Lyrics

Remember His Name Lyrics
Yo whats up ak

Who is this

Its me zaak--ir

Hello? what? (Hello?) I can't hear (I GOT IT! HANG UP!)
Yo speak louder I can't hear

(Yo Ak) Yo It's me Zaakir!
I was sittin at the television feelin' disturbed
Hey yo, I just got the word, off Tigram and 83rd
Some cat that got clapped, (gangster rapper?)
Perhaps, But I was lookin at the face of one particular cat
Now I done seen him before, (Can you remember where at?)
Well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat
Or at a party and shit, ?or drive through of a quickie split?
But the fellas her ran wit, they no longer ex-- (yo, dude peep this)

Yo I know dude, I been knowin him all my life
Ever since I was young I used to see him shootin' dice
On occasion i would see him once or twice
With all types, many different walks of life
He tried to keep in touch, but i knew what was up
Every time he came around and showed his face I ducked
In the mid-eighties, the nigga went crazy
He had alot of ladies selling they babies, the nigga was shady
But he had alot of friends that he would visit on the weekends
Thrill seekin, influenced by his teachings
My daddy knew him, yo, he met him at a hotel
My homeboy Johnny, kicked it with him in a jail cell
Alot of people met him with a female
Doing real well, connected with the drug sales
The rich and the poor, for better or worse
The last and the first, walked the earth, but can't avoid his turf
And it hurts my brain, he's drivin me insane
It's a shame I can't remember his name
I think 2na know dude, Soup, i aint tryin ta be dude
But my wife just cooked, im bout to grab up some food

Aiight peace, 2na said he probably runnin the streets
I'm about to give these young brothas a beep
[ring ring]

Yo! asalaam ulakum

Yo, ulakum asalaam

Heyyo, what's up on 83rd man?

Man, the fuedin is on
Hey, the reason why i called, that was the cat from my building
You seen him?

Yeah we met that brother out in Pasadena,
Remember seven, on Marengo
No my mistake, we were right between fair oaks and lake
Tryin to take us a lunch break

And cop us a sess sack!

But had to drive right past the place where they rest at

We drove in a hactchback

Corolla, these cats pack pistolas, the cadillac they drove

It was brown and black

Patrollin the hood, lookin for trouble
Saw us purchasin trees
Lurkin with speed, pulled the strap, and was hurtin to squeeze

You ?jerk? and you bleed

Threw it in reverse and we fleed

Or should we say fled?

They wanted to make us more than play dead, flashin his heat

Two cars are movin fast on the street

That's when I peeped, that dude was in his back passanger seat
(yo that shit was deep) Still I can't remember his name..

*this suckas gonna get us killed*
*now come on man I feel like cuttin loose*
*you behave yourself*

Oh man, where have I seen this brother before, man
*well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat*
Seem like everybody I know know dude, but can't nobody remember his damn name
*I been knowin him all my life*
the same with everybody from ShawnyMac, YawYaw, my brother Mohamad
Its like you cant *cant avoid his turf*
Oh, hey, you know what, now I know who homie is man, his name is
*De-De- Death*

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