Jurassic 5 - Monkey Bars Lyrics

Jurassic 5 Lyrics

Monkey Bars Lyrics
This record is particulary for then youngsters...
Now you get right to the procedure

Now what do you like the most about this
Conflict, Consequence, constant evidence
A classic contact communicator confrence
Weither 5 or 6 weither a number misprint
Or if it seems that, you heard above 4
If you thought that you would never hear it no more
You should never dial commin runnin murda mile
Cause it's all about ya health (lets go)
(wait wait)
Now you know us but it's not the coke rush
Four MC's so we ain't the furious
Like the fourth mc's or the 3 from trecherous
It's a blast from the past from the moment we bust
But if our shit go rough, still in god we trust
Cause it's the - comming
Display the rhymes so stunning
We keep ya runnin, and give a shoutout to the london
And keep it all, and still perform till the early morn'
Some said till dawn
We got a word abundance, hold benz by the hundreds
Top speed, guarenteed, we stil runnin

People master my tere-tactics
Why you actin plastic
Treatin all ya fans like ya matches
We be the other pair comin' in tight the tupper wear
Other fear, push ya luck and beware the boogadeer(?)

Yo, DJs be spinnin the records that make up the music
So people can focus whenever the mic has been mastered

The more drums we have in our kit, the more we can handle
We gonna take a break here..

Lets go. wait wait still

Jump a bill A-K-I-L known to exhale when i inhale
And you can tell when in the coo i do my duty-o
And swung to the studio
J-5 let the beat bounce
Thats what counts without a doubt
so sup grab the mic and pull the magic out ya mouth
We be the rythem kings, plus the rhyme channelings
(I could sneer anything) Go ahead

Sneer [repeated 21 times]

Light emcee kay mastered fatness so we crack this
Runnin through wall and wack this
Yo, 2 emcees add a little um, spice
So we concentrate on mic's and keep the path tight
3 emcees underground and worldwide
Surgean general on the 5 to defy the certified
4 emcees at ya door once more
When it rains in pours from the heavens to the earths floor
Elements, vocal instruments super extra strength
Hip-hop activist
Throw yo mind no time and inner twine
Roll with the rhymes ta let the sun rise
You should know, when we flow, you get what ya lookin for
Terrorize ya enterprise
And we dont shoot until we see the whites in ya eyes
Non-stop, real rhyme rockin disk jockeys out there feel shockin
Light ya autograph(?) so bring ya pop lockin
Me and commere(?) the whole-a meal poppin
Non-stop, we keep it up to par
from the metal monkey bars to conquer school yards
It's like bein arabic, comin from right to left
It's hot to def so take a breath and (wait wait)

[Applause + Laughter]

Ya. Get the f*ck, this fo entertainment
This made to stoppin the day
Pop pop pop...

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