Junior MAFIA - Oh My Lord Lyrics

Junior MAFIA Lyrics

Oh My Lord Lyrics
featuring Notorious B.I.G.

Why niggaz wanna clock me?
like that dance called the chachi
Don't they know I break motherf*ckers into parts like Rocky
Part I part II part III niggaz can't f*ck with me
My style's knock kneed plum crazy (what?)
Who's that wild ass motherf*cker catchin wreck
Stickin Jamaicans for sound sets outside discoteques
It's Klep the death specialist Stallone and Stone shit
Stayin high representin for the nine-quint
Ras bad guy, burns the house down like Left Eye
Why try mimic? MC's get broke like speed limits (uhh)
Niggaz can't f*ck with my metaphors
Canin MC's like they in Singapore; Klep been through more wards
than Humphrey Shore, put together catchin leathers
on the regular, got that net, push me round and Dread stressin a
trick hoe, what the Dread won't know won't hurt
Robbin his workers for they work; now, WHOSE TURF IS THIS?
It's Klep's, the clothes wreckers'
Life interceptor, pussy collector
Got your bitch on my dick and I ain't even stressin her
Check enough sex in her, my styles are regular
Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique moves in like the senator

Hook: Niggas say "Oh my lord!"

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Throw gats to *Guiliani*
Flows tighter than bitches punani, try me, die G
Dangerous, since my daddy bust me out
the tip of his dick, Biggie Smalls with the wickedest shit
Spit clips, niggaz split like bananas
Flavour like Tropicana; orange, mango, peach
I strangle each -- negro for they dough
Niggaz get to bendin, got two cases, one pendin
560 V-12 engine, women spinnin
in 9-2-9 Mazda's, Tammy and Natasha
The menage-a-trois around my waist
like Ill and Al Skratch smokin 50 sacks in the back of Ac's
Windows cracked, so sit back relax
Yo Vec, crush the hash, the Beretta's in the stash

Hook: repeat 4X

What you doin with yourself? Stone heart's the way to wealth
Indecisive thoughts make sentences get dealt
Money makes the world go round, robbin shit
F*ck a job shit, niggaz want cribs, bricks and spliffs
All-wheel automobiles, traction control
for clay roads, rollin with dough, kickin game
on the cel with bitches on hold, that's how we roll (uhh)
Rhymes got tight as hell so to the bank I stroll (uhh)
Money on my mind, open lips from my eyes
reveal pupils shaped like dollar signs --

[Notorious B.I.G.]
-- the world is mine!
Niggaz frontin, feelin twelve gauge pellets
BIG is repellant, to all that "He say, she say"
We play, Russian roulette, f*ck the threat
Your whole crew's vagina, you and your co-signer
Nigga, we rollin in eight and a halfs, TV's in the dash
Three G's in the stash, see we love the cash
No coke, then get some more


Niggaz don't know bout my game, they don't know
how complex it is, baggin bitches in GS 300 Lexuses
and the sex is for summer sports
Passports for drug transports to remote resorts
Bitches with Donna Karan "Catwoman" suits, matchin figure boots
Haircut cute, on tops and garters like prostitutes
My lyrics explicit
Got bitches bringin they own condoms on the first visit

[Notorious B.I.G.]
If Biggie bring big bowls of beef
backin bitch niggaz down, burners bring bundles of belief
Common thief, slash drug chief, syndicated
Went from 10 K, to 24 K and motherf*ckers hate it
J.M. sedated, quarantined (uhh)
BIG for President, buckin shots past the spleen
9 millimeter dream, Mac 11 nightmares
Electric chairs, which MC's do you fear?
Big Poppa, Junior M.A.F.I.A., nuff said
Niggaz disrespect just are dead

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